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CarolCooks2…Weekly Roundup…Recipes, Food Safety and more…

Where is the time going? My regular readers know the drill…A comfy chair, a drink, settle down time for a good read…Lots of goodies for you this week…A good mix and something for everyone…Well unless you are a rocket scientist…haha.

To any new readers…Welcome and if I haven’t personally thanked you for the follow it is because either your blog shows as private or your profile doesn’t link to your blog…I do however appreciate the follow…Thank you 🙂

Monday’s post was wet wipes being as much as 84% plastic and the fact that packaging does not inform us of that and they most certainly are not flushable as the manufacturers try to get us to believe…Not really any surprises there as we all know how sneaky most manufacturers are…Don’t we?

wet wipe being stretched

Healthy Eating was next on the agenda and my weight loss is going well…I also looked at a photographers view of kids diets around the world …The main thing I took away was the amount of bread in one kid’s diet…and one of the wackiest diets was the one I featured last week…Not dangerous like many diets just weird and well if it works for you that’s all well and good…To find out what it is please click the link and all will be revealed…

Blue sunglasses-2956314_640

Whimsical Wednesdays are where anything goes…Wherever my mind or a whim takes me…But hopefully, you will find it an informative and fun read…

wimbledon logo in flowers

For all, you Wimbledon fans is your favourite still in the running? Or have they been knocked out? I am enjoying it as always there are some shocks and surprises but I love to people watch as well and some of the outfits are quite nice…

Essan or Issan in Northern Thailand is my home and last week I gave you a peek into village life…I do hope you enjoy it …Also some authentic recipes …

Melientha Soup

It was then my weekly in my kitchen post …my favourite beet recipes and Buttermilk bread…A nice bread not really suitable for sandwiches but toasted or just buttered it is lovely and also with the addition of fruit makes a delicious fruit loaf…

Homemade Buttermilk bread

Lastly over to Sally’s and a very important look at food Safety and practices…How to keep yourself safe …

About Carol Taylor:

Enjoying life in The Land Of Smiles I am having so much fun researching, finding new, authentic recipes both Thai and International to share with you. New recipes gleaned from those who I have met on my travels or are just passing through and stopped for a while. I hope you enjoy them.

I love shopping at the local markets, finding fresh, natural ingredients, new strange fruits and vegetable ones I have never seen or cooked with. I am generally the only European person and attract much attention and I love to try what I am offered and when I smile and say Aroy or Saab as it is here in the north I am met with much smiling.

Some of my recipes may not be in line with traditional ingredients and methods of cooking but are recipes I know and have become to love and maybe if you dare to try you will too. You will always get more than just a recipe from me as I love to research and find out what other properties the ingredients I use contain to improve our health and wellbeing.

The environment is also something I am passionate about and there will be more on this on my blog this year

Exciting for me hence the title of my blog, Retired No One Told Me! I am having a wonderful ride and don’t want to get off, so if you wish to follow me on my adventures, then welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride also and if it encourages you to take a step into the unknown or untried, you know you want to…….Then, I will be happy!

Carol is a contributor to the Phuket Island Writers Anthology:

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Thank you once again for reading this post I hope you are all having a great weekend and your week ahead is a joyous one xx



This week Sally is talking about a very important subject…Food Safety…We know we should practise good hygiene at home and teach our children …The unknown factor is when we buy food prepared by someone else…We need to know as much as we can about where our food comes from…A recommended read…

via Smorgasbord Health Column #FoodSafety – Escherichia Coli 0157:H7 (E.Coli) – Strong toxin in raw meat and uncooked food by Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Health 2017 Rewind – Food Safety – Toxoplasma Gondii – Cats and other carriers.

Be careful and heed Sally’s advice if you have cats and are or trying to become pregnant. This can easily be prevented with a little care 🙂

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Smorgasbord Health 2017

Handling food safely is of vital importance to our health. As children it is instilled in us that we must wash our hands after going to the toilet, and also before eating, but it is one of those rules that every generation learns, but is seldom explained in detail.

As a living organism we are host to parasites. Whilst we might like to think that it is only animals and particularly our pets that have worms and harmful bacteria, we provide just as welcoming an environment in our own bodies.

The real danger occurs in the very young and the elderly who tend to have either immature or repressed immune systems. The parasites or pathogens are able to take hold and overcome the bodies weakened defense systems.

Toxoplasma Gondii

There is one particular parasite that can not only cause problems for children and adults but also to an unborn foetus…

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