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7 Important steps that can be used to study environmental problems—like a scientist

I think this is a really good post on how to do research and what to look for …#recommended

Motivation & Environment

This article contains an outline of seven important steps most inquisitive people and scientists have been using to understand how the natural environment works, and the composition and behavior of living and non-living things.

It must be noted that, in order to comprehend the physical world, it is not necessary to follow the steps below, in the exact order they appear on this post.

The step-by-step outline listed below is based on the experience of the author, and is a highly valuable procedure which he thinks is appropriate for studying the environment and other things within it:

(1) Acquire correct information about an environmental problem: What is the actual or basic problem? What are the specifics?

What is known about a particular issue? What is the basic information available, even if it might be a bit trivial?

Example: Plastic debris has been polluting a river (of interest), reducing the speed…

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