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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s Food Column – Exotic Fruits.

It’s Wednesdays Food Column once again the weeks just fly by …don’t they? This week it is exotic fruits …Can you get them where you live or have you tried any of them? …Please let me know 🙂 Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to this weeks food column with Carol Taylor who is going to share some exotic fruits and wonderful recipes to include them in our diet.

Carol Taylor’s Food Column – Exotic Fruits.

Good morning from sunny Thailand and it is getting hotter here now…interspersed with some lovely tropical storms and is that thunder loud much louder than I remember it being when I lived in the UK something to do with the heat I think…but it certainly makes you jump…

Last week’s post featuring an Indian curry was very well received it seems many of you like it hot!

I was going to give you some recipes for homemade curry powders this week however I don’t want to give you curry overload…lol I will save those for another time, this week I have a selection of Thai fruits a couple of which I could buy in the UK maybe…

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