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Smorgasbord Health Column – Cook from Scratch – Tomatoes for Breakfast Spanish Style

I love tomatoes any which way and tomatoes on toast for breakfast or brunch sounds good to me… Healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless and boring it can be amazing and simple like this breakfast dish …Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Carol Taylor will be back in the New Year with the Food and Cookery Column after a well earned Christmas break.

In the meantime I will be sharing the Cook from Scratch series from two years ago which combined the health benefits of specific key ingredients followed by Carol’s recipes for cook from scratch dishes.

To kick that series off, I am sharing a breakfast that I was introduced to when we lived in Madrid. I love tomatoes and they were always readily available all year round. With some other simple ingredients, tomatoes provide a wonderful start to the day that keeps you going until lunchtime.

I would love to invite any of you who have favourite recipes that use fresh ingredients, to get in touch at the email at the bottom of the post. And of course another chance to promote your work.

Most of us associate a  breakfast…

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Spice It Up…………………

Chillies..Now that’s surprise..ha ha….a lovely hot sauce…

This one is definitely a keeper and one I will certainly try because as you know I love anything with chilli.



What do you do with an over abundance of chile peppers? Well, you marinate them, you make relish, you grill em and you make hot sauce! Lots and lots of hot sauce. Lots. I love making hot sauce. Bu…

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Healthy Eating! How to cure your own bacon.

lady holding veggies


Those of you who know me are well aware of my aversion to anything processed and ham/ bacon is no exception to that rule. The ham you purchase from the shops is just slimy, and not nice at all….The bacon of doubtful origins at best especially where I live now…In the Uk you could get some lovely home cured kinds of bacon and hams not so here or if there is I have not found them….I have also been experimenting with various different ways which may be more healthy…

Bacon contains nitrates which some have an aversion to using or it causes headaches and other adverse symptoms.

Today I am using celery juice..just put in the juicer and out the other side and viola this lovely vibrant green juice.

Now celery also contains nitrates but they are naturally occurring although for some may still cause headaches if your aversion is to chemicals then celery may be a better way to cure your bacon.

I used 2 Kilo’s Pork Belly.

For every Kilo of Pork use I used:

  • 2 parts rock salt to 1 part sugar.
  • 4 cloves garlic.
  • 2 bay leaves
  • A bunch of Lemon Thyme.
  • 20/30 Mustard Seeds,
  • 12 Pepper Corns,
  • Celery Juice as required to make the mix damp.


Finely slice bay Leaves and lightly crush with other spices in Pestle & Mortar.

Combine with Sugar and Salt and mix with liberal amounts of celery juice until damp.

Rub into Pork.Belly pork rubbed with garlic and lemon thyme

Place Pork in a sealed container or bag ( I used a brining bag). Turn halfway through the week. That is why I like using brining bags as it is much easier to turn the meat over.

Store in the fridge for 5 Days.

After 5 days remove the belly pork and wash thoroughly.

Cook in oven @ 100C for 2 hours. Cool and slice.Home cured belly Streaky bacon

It also looks lovely and pink ( no grey) which means the natural nitrates in the celery juice had worked their magic.

All I need now is a home-made smoker and some lovely flavoured woods. Maybe use some maple syrup, honey, someone suggested coffee..some nice tea springs to my mind so many options…A different blend of herbs or cut of meat..

Have you made your own bacon and if you did what did you use?

Now the tester…How will it taste?


It smells like bacon, looks like bacon and made a lovely sandwich….  Before you say yes I cut it thinly and no not everyone in the household likes it like that but the beauty of making your own is everyone can have their bacon sliced to their own requirements …How cool is that?

If you start experimenting now you can have some lovely home cured bacon for Christmas or as a lovely present for someone you love …

Next week I will give you the recipe for my home cured ham…

Until then stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot and as you know and if you don’t THEN you have not been reading my posts to the end ….Laughter is proven medically to be the best medicine and it is FREE!





I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food!

I love this quote! Can you imagine looking at a picture of some mouthwatering luscious dish and being able to just press the button and there it was in front of you…..Wake up!! It’s a dream! A fantasy!But one day, it will be a reality! Of that I am sure….In the meantime…get your pinny on and the scales out and lets cook!



A frozen milk ice desert. We first had this dessert when we took a trip to Nong Kai in Northern Thailand. It originates from Korea. It is also very easy to make.

Take 1 cup of milk and 2 tbsp of sweetened condensed milk. Put ingredients into a jug and mix together then pour into an ice cube tray. Put in freezer and freeze for at least 5 hours.

Prior to serving put your serving bowl or bowls into the freezer for at least an hour.This dessert can be eaten as a shared dessert or in individual bowls.

To assemble dessert remove frozen cubes and put into food processor or liquidizer and blitz for 20 seconds it should now resemble snow( see picture)If cubes are difficult to remove leave out of the freezer for 4/5 mins until they come out easily.

For 1 bowl take 2 satsumas, peel, and section. put a few segments in the bottom of the serving dish, pile on snow arrange the remainder of orange segments around

Drizzle some raspberry sauce over the top of the snow.Eat and enjoy!

Eat and enjoy!


You can use any fruit either fresh or tinned in natural juice.

To make raspberry sauce put 1 and a  half cups of raspberry’s in a saucepan with  3/4 cup of sugar and  1/2 cup water.

Bring to boil stirring, reduce the heat and add 1/2 tsp vanilla essence.

To thicken put 2 tsp cornflour in a cup and mix to smooth cream with 2 tbsp water.

Pour into the boiling raspberry mixture stirring all the time. turn down heat and simmer for 4 mins until sauce has thickened . Remove from the heat and stir in 1 tbsp butter.

You also use frozen passionfruit pulp which is very nice and would cut through the sweetness of the iced snow.

Goulash ~ an Old Stand-by in a New (Old) Dish

Ohhhh anything with cheese and I hooked. Enjoy! Well chillis too but this doesn’t have chillies..mmmmm well it could when I make it 😉


Cheesy Baked Goulash Cheesy Baked Goulash in Vintage Enamel-Ware

This is not a new recipe but it gave me a chance to use one of my new (old) casserole dishes I picked up at a garage sale a few months ago. It is vintage enamel-ware from the 1980s made by Lincoware, in the Lauria design. It came in a nesting set of three for only $1 each. How cool is that?

Some nights just call for your stand-by comfort casserole, and last night was no exception. This is one of my daughter’s favorite meals I make, and she actually happened to be home for a Friday night, of all things. I had a half-pound of ground beef left in the freezer needing used up, so halved the recipe and in doing so the vintage casserole dish became a perfect vessel for cooking the smaller portion.

However, I do have a new recipe I’m…

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Hoisin pork with beans, snow peas and noodles — Passion Fruit Garden…My kind of recipe…

The snow peas have really gone mad. We are, at last, getting some sunshine (although it is raining as I type) and now we have more snow peas than we can possibly eat. We also have more avocados and asparagus than we can eat. And soon it will be broccoli with this and broccoli with that. To today’s recipe… I went […]

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