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Healthy Eating…Intermittent Fasting…

Good Morning…Today I am going to be talking about intermittent fasting what it means and what you can do when fasting…And how it works for me…

steaming tea in a cup a book and a flower

Tea Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

For quite a while now I have been intermittent fasting and didn’t know it… Last week I discussed the Keto diet as my son is following this eating plan… I  listened to him and some things I agree with and Keto does recommend that you do take part in intermittent fasting.

As you know I believe in a healthy balanced eating plan, eating normal food not calorie counting unless you really want to…Healthy eating should be a way of life …There are very few people who can stick to a restricted diet for any length of time…

Unless medically advised our diet should be balanced and not loaded one way or another with certain food groups.

I also know how hard it can be for some who are addicted to sugar either soda drinks or sweet processed foods…I have been there …Sometimes though as Sally explains it is not you who is lacking in willpower but a fungus which is living in your tummy and the sugars which feed it… To read more about the subject pop over to Sally’s it is a very good series and although I don’t have a problem with sugar I have learnt quite a lot about healthy eating…

Well… we only have one body and when you look at it we can abuse that bod but if we start treating it properly it responds really well…To me, that is an awesome piece of machinery…Don’t you think…

Fasting has also always conjured up that image of being starved of food or a feeling of calm…I certainly didn’t look upon my eating pattern as fasting or starving myself but I am calm …Most of the time …

Intermittent Fasting.

What is it?  Short term fasts which mean you are consuming fewer calories and that is it!

There are three main categories:-

Some people reduce their calories over a two day period and consume 500-600 calories a day during those two days …The other 5 days they eat normally…which doesn’t mean binging to make up for those two days when your calorific intake was reduced…It ain’t that easy…

Others opt for 24-hour fasts either dinner to dinner the next day or breakfast to breakfast the next day just 24 hours straight… This they do once or twice a week and eat normally on the other days…

Me…I follow the third option...I don’t eat after 7 or 8pm at night and don’t eat before 10-11 the next day…It is called the 16/8 method…For me this is easy…What I hear you say what’s easy about that???

I dropped quite easily into this eating pattern when I moved here one because of the heat and two I can’t eat 3 meals a day it is too much for me…Now that could be an age thing or the fact my tummy has shrunk…

I will be honest I have cut out certain eating habits for example when little Lily visits it is a treat for her to go to 7/11 after she has eaten her dinner and she has always bought Nannie 2 bags of jelly teddy bears which of course I ate…It would have been rude not to…haha

Sunny evenings also are conducive to a sundowner or three they creep up on you, don’t they?

Numero three was when hubby brought me my morning cuppa he also added two digestives to the plate…Sally’s little chart soon put paid to that habit…Do you know how many calories and lbs 2 digestive biscuits(graham crackers) a day add up to over a year…I do now…That habit was kicked into touch…Those biscuits were the first to go…

The jellies were next to go as because Lily brought Nannie Jelly’s when she was here so did grandad when he went to 7/11…It has now been at least 4 months since a bag of jelly teddies has passed my lips…

The last habit to get kicked into touch was my sundowners…28 days without a drop and that included 2 nights out and a weekend visit from my son…So I feel I have a right to be chuffed with myself…

Why am I telling you this?

To show you that

1. It can be done.

2. It has been done over a period of time and not all at once…

My belly fat is still reducing and I have lost a few pounds and inches…

Do I count calories no and I enjoy my two meals …Lovely curries or stir-fries, maybe a cheese platter with some fruit…I eat what I fancy and I will be having a pancake tonight as it is Shrove Tuesday …

I snack on fruit as it is so plentiful here or enjoy a fruit smoothie…Which is why I will not be following the Keto eating plan as it restricts fruit and certain vegetables and although I have been told there are good fats…Please, how many avocados can one eat in a day…You do invariably then eat the bad fats, the processed fats and that much fat is not good for your long term health…

How do I get through my 16 plus hours without eating???

lady sleeping

Image by xiangying_xu on Pixabay

I will break it down for you…

From 8 pm until whenever I sleep which could be 10pm it could be 2am…During that time I am writing, watching a movie or reading…I also have a pot of green tea…Yes, that is allowed on Intermittent fasting…

You can drink water, coffee, tea or other non-alcoholic drink any beverage which is under 50 calories..a splash of milk is fine in your tea or coffee.

I then sleep ..very well I will add especially since I cut out the sundowners out until my alarm goes off at 6 am…

I then get Aston up… my grandson as he leaves for school just after 7 am…I get his breakfast, iron his school shirt then when I have seen Aston of to school I have my pot of green tea while I check my e-mails and answer any comments on my blog.

I also start writing as I am doing now @ 9.47 am…10 am I feed my sourdough and today I am having Grapow Moo with an egg which I will cook once I have fed my sourdough…It will then be 10.30 ish maybe 11 am…Am I starving…No!

This routine works for me…

I will then go for a walk as hubby wants some grass seed and hang the washing out…

When I come back I will have a glass of coconut water and probably an apple, some Marian fruit and tamarind with maybe a little piece of the lovely blue cheese I bought on Saturday. I have found someone who imports cheese at a very good price…yummy 🙂

During the afternoon I will have another pot of green tea and then probably a Thai green Curry tonight.

Then it is evening, Green tea and bed at some point…As you all know if we get engrossed in our writing/reading the time just flies by.

I really don’t see this 16/8 as fasting as some is sleeping and being busy… I walk every day, some days I am trying out new recipes and of course, I am reading and writing…I honestly am busy most of the time and sometimes I have to remind myself to eat…My bad 😦 

Whichever one of the fasts you choose to follow you can drink which I didn’t know until I did my research I thought fasting meant no food or drink…Especially if you follow these short fasts.

Common Sense should have told me that we need to keep our bodies hydrated…There are so many lovely teas we can drink to help us stay hydrated while we fast.

Tea ginger lemon basil

Image by Leon_Ting on Pixabay

The benefits to our body are many by following intermittent fasting…

Belly fat will reduce, you will lose weight and inches.

It increases fat burning

Increased energy

It lowers your blood  insulin and sugar levels

Helps your memory…

I feel so much better my energy levels have increased and just overall I feel better. Fasting is not starving yourself it is just choosing when you eat.

For me, this is the way forward and I have lost quite a lot over the last 7 years BUT those little treats I mentioned started to notice on the belly etc… Which why I cut them out gradually I have also cut refined carbs and changed to brown /wild rice which will increase my fibre intake…But I actually prefer the taste of brown/wild rice, especially as now I know how to cook it properly…

This has kick started my inch loss and I do feel better for it…

I hope that you now find intermittent fasting a bit clearer…Thank you for reading any questions please ask I love to hear from you and always reply to my comments xxxx

About Carol Taylor:

Enjoying life in The Land Of Smiles I am having so much fun researching, finding new, authentic recipes both Thai and International to share with you. New recipes gleaned from those who I have met on my travels or are just passing through and stopped for a while. I hope you enjoy them.

I love shopping at the local markets, finding fresh, natural ingredients, new strange fruits and vegetable ones I have never seen or cooked with. I am generally the only European person and attract much attention and I love to try what I am offered and when I smile and say Aroy or Saab as it is here in the north I am met with much smiling.

Some of my recipes may not be in line with traditional ingredients and methods of cooking but are recipes I know and have become to love and maybe if you dare to try you will too. You will always get more than just a recipe from me as I love to research and find out what other properties the ingredients I use contain to improve our health and wellbeing.

The environment is also something I am passionate about and there will be more on this on my blog this year

Exciting for me hence the title of my blog, Retired No One Told Me! I am having a wonderful ride and don’t want to get off, so if you wish to follow me on my adventures, then welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride also and if it encourages you to take a step into the unknown or untried, you know you want to…….Then, I will be happy!

Carol is a contributor to the Phuket Island Writers Anthology:

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Thank you once again for reading this post I hope you all have a great week xx


















My most popular posts in 2017…

My Top Ten posts of 2017…Did it surprise me?

Not really it seems that many of you love Thailand as much as I do, that you advocate healthy eating with Halloween and Christmas thrown into the mix for good luck…

Numero 1.

Why I love Thailand!  


This post  I suppose is my snapshot of the Land of Smiles, the food I love, the sunsets, the people, the festivals and traditions and there is more as you know we now grow our own Turkeys. I have discovered many fruits and vegetables which were previously unknown to me…

Thailand certainly has the power to surprise me… Every day I see something which makes me smile …

Numero 2.

Healthy foods which may help reduce your Blood Pressure.

lady holding veggies

I suppose there was no surprise that this post was as popular as it was as High Blood Pressure also known as the silent killer is something which many suffer from. I hope by writing this post I gave you the tools to better understand how food can be thy medicine I am a firm believer in that…Not always a replacement but something which can work alongside prescribed medication if need be.

Numero 3.

Healthy eating…Turmeric Drinks.


Again no great surprise as Turmeric is being hailed as one of the best cure-alls ever… It has its place like many fruits, vegetable and herbs but no one size fits all…What suits you may not suit the next person and it is moderation…And do not believe everything you read your own research because if it sounds too good to be true..It is!

A good example is my own father who took drinking water…yes water to another level he did not apply moderation and ended up in hospital.

Numero 4.

Fish Friday…Thai Shrimp Cakes

Thai Prawn Cakes (2)

These lovely tasty little cakes are so very popular and are found on almost every menu in Thailand and market stall….very moreish eaten with a lovely spicy little chilli dip. Also so easy to make at home in your own kitchen…

Numero 5.

Some of Thailands most unusual foods.


Yes, I have tried some of them…As long as they are really crispy and not squidgy I will try them… Hands up who has eaten crispy fried whitebait???? Or crispy prawn heads??? Not too much different… Do you think?

Numero 6.

Halloween recipes…Will you dare to try??

black bean burger

I would be interested to know who did try it???

Did you??

Numero 7

Healthy eating…Waste not- want- not


From pickle juice, potato water or oil from a can of sardines there is a use for everything …my favourite as a child and we used to fight over it…When my nan used to strain the cabbage water add a little vinegar and give it to us to drink we thought we had been given the world.

Numero 8.

Beat the blues with food and So pretty, so deadly tied in 8th place…

melientha-cookingVillage cooking…I was taught to use herbs to make a healthy soup…

So pretty! So deadly!


A word of warning when so many flowers are used in cooking…sometimes they can be so deadly and they are used in Brides bouquets even now… So just check which takes but a minute or two and could save a life or a nasty rash…

Numero 9.

Christmas recipes…Drink anyone?


There is nothing like a homemade drink recipe…

Last but not least…

Numero 10.

Matcha Tea Cookies.

green match cookies

Matcha drinks can be found on every stall and drink outlet here it is very popular… It is also open to tweaking because what I get here is not always what you can get where you live… A prime example for me was and is coconut milk… when my son went to the UK very recently most cans or cartons were only 40% coconut milk and it’s anyone’s guess as to what made up the other 60% but I think we know by now…Don’t we??

It is the same with drinks…many are loaded with sugars so all I am saying is read the labels or buy from a reputable source.

I have to get my little rant in as it bugs me that we have to be so careful because of the unscrupulous practices of manufacturers.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 of last years posts and if you did please share as sharing is caring…

I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy New Year …


Parenting and Food: It’s OK if Your Kids Aren’t Eating the Perfect Diet Everyday

A great post and my sentiments exactly…We should enjoy our food ….and if we eat a Macedo’s occasionally…So What! ..Enjoy this post and Eat happy!

24 Carrot Diet

Every parent wants to do what’s best for the kids. Whether that be feeding them healthy foods or setting the right example by eating well ourselves, it can be tough to keep to our own standards all the time. And don’t even get me talking about expert recommendations or trying to keep up with the supermom down the block who grows her own vegetables, raises her own chickens and bees, grinds her own ancient grains, and bakes healthy Paleo breakfast treats for her kids while running between hot yoga and spin class, and still never has a single hair out of place!

We need to be kind with ourselves. Not only that, but we need to understand that it isn’t reasonable to expect perfection from ourselves. We wouldn’t put that on anyone else, so why do we always think we need to be perfect? Same goes for our parenting, and…

View original post 1,150 more words

Some of Thailand’s most unusual foods.

I got to thinking…….Ha Ha….Yes, you are right every last one of you, when I do that it’s dangerous!

On a weekend boat trip to the Red Lotus Lake, I was amazed when I learnt what you can make with the Lotus flower. It was so beautiful here just miles and miles of water covered in these lovely lotus flowers. Little did I know until our friendly boatman told us that these wetlands not only had fish but flora which was edible.


A long time ago the petals were used basically as fag papers..just like my dad used Rizzlas I used to sit and watch him with a child’s fascination as he rolled his tobacco into cigarettes.

The flowers are also edible and make lettuce cups look positively boring. The seed pods are lovely to eat just pop those little circles out..take off the outside and eat.

and some say they taste like popcorn. I now knew what all those lovely green pods we saw being sold on the roadside were and how to eat them. The local people are allowed to harvest these for free.

Even with the stems, you can make a lovely soup. This beautiful lily is not only a beautiful decoration but also a source of food……I never cease to be amazed at what I learn here…

This got me thinking..shhhhhh that word again! Of the things I have eaten since I have been here in Thailand and the things I haven’t ..yuk!

I have eaten different types of veg and things like the banana pod and the lily flowers which can only be harvested at dawn both of which are steamed and eaten with a dip…..Now we come to the more unusual…

Insects of all sorts ..deep-fried and crispy…


I quite like, well except for the ones which look like the witchety grubs they eat on I’m a Celebrity get me out of here..Not for me! Yuk!Frogs fried

Frogs..I like crispy fried they taste like chicken which brings me on to the Chicken Feet sold by the kilo in Makro and Tesco Lotus are a staple here.

Chicken feet salad.

chicken feet salad

Lizards…not tried them yet…but I love ants eggs, they make a lovely tastes lemony and it is actually very nice. So if you are in Thailand and see anyone hopping about and brushing themselves down quite frantically  under a tree…They are collecting Ants Eggs…..A dangerous game and why they are by Thai standards a delicacy and quite expensive to buy.

Ant egg salad.

ant egg salad


3 tbsp Ant Eggs.

1 tbsp Fish sauce

1 tbsp Roasted rice

1/2 tsp chilli flakes.

2 Spring onion finely sliced.

Handful chopped coriander

7-10 Mint leaves

2 tsp. Grounded pepper

1/2 tbsp. Lime juice

3 shallots finely sliced.

Stir all ingredients together gently. Add the seasoning. Serve with fresh vegetables.


If you get over any initial reticence to try it most people like it….really….I do.

Well, I will be honest.with you…I shut my eyes…How THAT helps I don’t know…ha ha

The fermented eggs and fish called Phla which is fermented fish which a lot of Thais add to Papaya salad and soups….. Is an acquired taste and one which in the main I give a miss but on some occasions I have eaten and can now tolerate it although I prefer my food without.

So when you think no one should ever go hungry here...There is always something to eat……. You are moreorless correct but I guess if you really think about it and be creative wherever you are there is always something to eat. I often think that when we say we have nothing to eat what we mean is nothing we fancy we probably have a store cupboard full of jars and packets. A fridge with at least the basics in and maybe a few veggies…. Am I right?

You know I am…..

I see it here all the time ..nothing to eat means nothing to eat…Truly…

Most of us don’t know the meaning of nothing to eat…..

Well, I guess you didn’t expect that little sermon at the end of this post…ha ha….Just occasionally I  get carried away with my thoughts…which those who know me are well aware of and I hope you just accept that as one of my little foibles…ha ha…I am a writer after all ….so have fun and laugh a lot as laughter is just the best medicine we can all take 🙂

If you enjoyed reading this then please share or rebog so a few more people will get to know this whimsical English lady and the weird and wonderful things she brings to you….

Until next time stay safe , have fun and laugh a lot ….

The health benefits of Mustard seeds.

You are what you eat…The benefits of Mustard Seeds.

lady holding veggies


Those tiny little seeds belong to the Brassica family and do they contain a bounty of benefits to your health and beauty.

I am loving what I am discovering about all these seeds and herbs we have so much at our fingers tips or growing naturally in our environment which benefit us for little or no money…Some effort? Yes, but some of that is minimal.

How long does it take to mix some mustard seeds with lavender or rose oil and you have a completely natural scrub and skin exfoliator?

Mix mustard powder with Aloe Vera and it is a natural skin hydrator…I am lucky that I have some growing in my garden…Do you or could you grow some?

I do think that more and more of us are becoming aware of just what we can make or grow and that is good…

Better for our health and easier on our pockets…

Mustard seeds have been found to have been mentioned in the ancient Sanskrit writings which go back 5,000years. They have been mentioned at least 5 times in the Bible and in the New Testament, The Kingdom of Heaven is compared to a grain of mustard seed.

There are about 40 varieties of Mustard seed but generally, they are divided into  3 principal categories of black, white and brown.

Black is the most pungent and is found growing in the Middle East.

White mustard seeds are actually yellow in colour and come from the Mediterranean region, the mildest in flavour and American yellow mustard is made from these.

Brown mustard seeds are actually dark yellow and grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and are what Dijon mustard is made from.

There have and are currently many studies in the health benefits of mustard seeds and they are known to contain plentiful amounts of phytonutrients called Glucosinolates. They are also an excellent source of Selenium and Magnesium which is proven to help reduce inflammation in this case particularly beneficial in the gastrointestinal tract and colectoral cancers.

They have also been found to be an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, manganese, phosphorus, copper and Vit B1.

The powder can be used as an effective muscle soak.

Also due to containing sulphur mustard has excellent antifungal properties.

It can be used in your diet in many ways, it can be used to baste meat or fish, a dip for vegetables or add the seeds to cabbage at the end of cooking.

Once my new blog is up and running I will be giving you recipes to help you integrate some of these seeds and herbs into your daily diet.

In the meantime, you can always message me and ask …I am happy to help.

Have fun and enjoy!

Here is my recipe for homemade mustard

Until next time enjoy!







Salt of the earth…



Salt seems to be a topic of conversation around here at the moment so I have decided to resurrect this post from aunt juju which I reblogged over a year ago.

Since then I have purchased a salt block as a present for my daughter and am awaiting feedback as she has had it for a good few months now.

This article by aunt juju is a very good comprehensive view of salt block cooking backed up by some wonderful recipes. So please take a look you will love it as much as I do… I just know you will.

Once I self-host this blog I will be offering these amongst other things for sale…..I will not have loads of ads all over the place but the sale items will be relevant to my posts. Which means folks you will still get recipes and hopefully some good advice to get you thinking about your health alongside them.

Young Sally also penned a very good post on salt and our health and I discovered salt farming as some of you know on my proverbial doorstep.   So much to do and discover in this little corner of Thailand.

Salt is definitely being featured in our corner of the world of WP and is worth a look as that and so many other things which we were advised to steer clear of consuming don’t seem to be really as bad for us….What are your thoughts on all this backtracking?

A short post to read as you drink your morning coffee…well depending on where you live…ha ha ….coupled with some interesting links for when you put feet up later.


I hope you enjoy all of this and it links everything together for you….Do you have any What are your thoughts on Salt and your health?

We would love to know so please comment and if you have used salt blocks ..tell me your experience did you love it or hate it?….Good or bad…. I would love to know.

Thank you for reading I hope it gave you food for thought? Stay safe and laugh a’s free and it releases all those good endorphins which are responsible for our feeling of wellbeing…. it is the biochemical of the substrate aka ” The Spice of Life”

Until next time……..





Salt Farming in Northern Thailand.


Driving to Nong Khai towards the Mekong we suddenly started to see lots of roadside stalls selling salt and then I remembered nothing grew here because the land was so salty …No rice…Nothing!

Proud of their salt producing heritage there is now a 3 day Salt Festival with talks, educational displays and the most beautiful sculptures crafted from salt.

Before I show and tell you about the salt I will show you how I use salt …Which produces the most succulent fish you have ever tasted and eaten with Som Tam Green Papaya) Salad and Sticky Rice ( Kow Neow) is one of the most amazing meals you could wish to eat.


BBQ Salt Fish

Just take 3/4 stems of lemongrass and tie in a knot, stuff it in the cavity of the fish and then roll the fish in sea salt do not descale the fish as it will not stick. Put on a BBQ and cook until fish is just cooked, nice and juicy turning the fish a few times this takes about 30/40 mins and you will have the most succulent fish you have ever tasted.

How is the salt produced:

Thailand’s unique cuisine with its sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty tastes which combined make a Thai meal so memorable. Salty eggs, fish, salt are used in many dishes and the most iconic Thai fish sauce takes pride of place on every table. A meal would not be complete without salt or fish sauce being used in every dish or as a condiment.

Do not try to put salt in a traditional western salt grinder or shaker as due to the humidity here it will just clog or cause the grinders cogs to rust.

Used firstly as a preservative long before fridges were invented, salt has become as essential as breathing.

Here in Thailand it is not only used in food but in the spa industry. Now, who hasn’t been to Thailand and hasn’t had a traditional Thai massage?

Thai massage-2096580_640

From popular skin exfoliating, scrub massages it has great anti-bacterial properties and helps to prevent itching and provides relief from insect bites and stings.

Add lemongrass to your salt and a wonderful massage will let all your stress and jet lag just fade away.

How is salt made? 

salt farming

The ponds are flooded with salt water and left for about 10 days until the sun has evaporated the water leaving the salt, which is then collected and carried away in shoulder baskets to be bagged ready for sale.

salt farming (13)

There is very little if any shade on these salt flats to protect the workers from the sun and it is hard heavy work.

salt farming (10)


Health Benefits of Salt.

For years  I have been warned about the use of too much salt whereas here because of the heat and humidity I have used more salt in my cooking and diet.

I have changed the salt I use and use Pink Himalayan Salt or more recently as we live close to the above salt flats I use the mineral salt fresh from there.

The taste is vastly different from the salt I used to buy and I use less as it is saltier but since living here my Blood pressure is now normal…and for those who know me I have never been normal…lol..but it is.

Asians have for many years believed that we have an energy body as well as a physical body. All of our glands, organs, blood and skin consist of cells. They believe that our health depends on the health of those cells. Different cells require more or less of cell salts e.g nerve cells require larger amounts of cell salts but blood cells carry a higher amount of certain cell salts.

Hence salt plays a larger role in the diet in  Asian countries as they believe cell salts provide a rebalancing of the body to enable its natural disease function which controls the bodies mechanism to function fully.

I am finding northern Thailand such a lovely place to live the people are friendly and I am discovering so many fruits, vegetables and ancient crafts which are still being used and passed down to generation after generation.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share or reblog.


All images are from my own private photo collection I have no problem if anyone uses them as long as you just ask my permission.

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