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Healthy Eating…Bread…The staff of life or is it???


Bread has been around virtually since the beginning of time… A staple in many diets but also something to be avoided in many cases…I mean who has eaten that tasteless sliced bread that sticks together and makes for a very unappetising sandwich?

Bread is made in many different ways and from many different flours, it comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and is also prepared in so many different ways around the world…

Bread may be leavened by methods which have a reliance on naturally occurring microbes as in the process of bread making using sourdough, or by using chemicals which are used as is industrially produced yeast or even now high pressured aeration… In commercial breadmaking. Some of the bread-making processes would now probably cause many traditional bakers to turn in their graves. Because of this, there has been a revival and an upsurge of traditional Artisan bakeries springing up which is good for all of us who appreciate good bread rather than the mass-produced unhealthy rubbish which masquerades as a loaf of bread …Whoever said this is the best thing since sliced bread was obviously deluded.

Bread is basically flour, water, yeast and a small amount of salt. If it is properly made and allowed to rise properly and yes it takes time but as the bread rises it is also fermenting. Fermentation neutralises the part of the wheat protein that is most likely to trigger bowel disease and other autoimmune diseases and inflammation which is a reaction to gluten.

Of course, using traditional dry or fresh yeast and adding no preservatives or other additives means the shelf life of the bread is shorter and the bread is best eaten the day it is baked …

But who doesn’t love day old bread toasted? It also makes lovely breadcrumbs for making stuffings or for coating meat or fish alternately freeze the odd bits and make a bread pudding there is no excuse for wasting good bread.

Bread can come with the addition of fruits, nuts and other fats it is also served in various forms with any meal of the day. It is eaten as a snack by making it into sandwiches, fried used to coat other foods in the form of bread crumbs when frying as it prevents the food from sticking it can be made into bread pudding as an addition to stuffing mixes it has untold uses it also plays an important part in religious rituals and secular culture many sayings or expressions in language refer to bread, in prayer ” Give us this day our daily bread ” or “He stole the bread from my mouth

Adding other products to bread is fine such as honey, seeds, nuts or fruit as long as it is natural or naturally produced so if you have an artisan baker near you then you are very lucky and enjoy of course in moderation as too much…I am a party pooper aren’t I? but it can have that effect on the waistline…

Did you know that the lottery has funded a Real Bread campaign??? 

Now we come to the bad bread the bread you really don’t want to be eating …commercially produced bread generally contains additives to improve the flavour, texture, colour, shelf life, nutrition and speed of manufacturing.

Most bread in the UK is made using the Chorley Wood Bread process which came into being in the ’60s and is still used in many bakeries to this day…The bread is mixed at high speed using intense energy, many additives and preservatives are added, increased amounts of yeast are used and the bread is given no fermentation time.

This modern practice of increasing the yeast element in bread and modern bakery practises have lead many medical researchers to believe that this is a factor in the extraordinary rise in digestive illnesses such as gluten intolerance and coeliac disease.

Who doesn’t stick a slice or two of this into the toaster? Who hasn’t eaten cucumber sandwiches? the pictures look quite inviting, don’t they? But they are empty of healthy ingredients and may aggravate or cause any illnesses or disease you may have and for what?… They can and should be avoided at all costs…

As a consumer who reads the labels …Yes I do…The enzymes which are used to aid rising and give lightness and freshness to bread DON’T have to be declared in the list of ingredients…Why? Because they are processing aids …REALLY.?..One of the most common is called Amylase which is known to cause asthma and this is also one of the most common diseases among bakers…

So please when you buy bread think about what you are buying…I think it is about time that we all backed The Real Bread Campaign….Don’t you???

Or make your own… And here’s how…


Homemade Bread Day…November 17th 2020…

Just a note I make bread regularly now and never buy processed bread…I always buy unbleached flour and as I rarely eat bread myself but my hubby does I add some wholewheat flour to it as much as I can get away with or make soda bread or sourdough but he prefers white bread so my aim is to keep him happy and add as much wholemeal flour as I can without it being too obvious… I make the occasional wholemeal loaf again he eats it but much prefers white bread…as his diet is in the main healthy I concede on the bread…xx


That’s all for this week’s healthy eating… I do hope you have enjoyed it I am looking forward to your comments  ….Thanks, Carol xx














Healthy Eating! Protein Powders and Drinks.

lady holding veggies

I just can’t help is inbuilt in me  I don’t trust any food manufacturers per se I think they are all out to make money from consumers and probably spend more on advertising their wares than they spend on producing the said product.

I have already been told by he who shall remain nameless that lots of athletes and famous people take these products and maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I read and would they really take something which would cause them harm or even endorse something to induce us to buy it???

The answer from me ( and it is my personal opinion) is a big fat YES! It is money in their bank! Come on…

How many foods have been mooted over the years as being the best thing since ” sliced bread”  even sliced bread with its bleached flour and all the other ingredients are not good for you…

INGREDIENTS:  White Bread (Enriched Wheat Flour (Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Iron(Ferrous Sulfate, Reduced Iron), Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Yeast, Salt, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Malt, Dough Conditioners(Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate),Calcium Propionate(To Retard Mold Growth))
ALLERGENS:  Wheat, Soybeans, Gluten

All those food colourings which were once so widely added to our foods are now banned in many countries…

Low-fat food… Now that was the biggest diet money spinner ever methinks….What is being said now? All those low-fat yoghurts, cereals, low-fat salad dressings low-fat sandwich spreads…what do they have in common??? Massive amounts of sugar!

I could go on forever but you all know what I am saying don’t you? But how many people are still buying them???


Obesity is on the rise…Cancers are on the rise… skin conditions are on the rise…mood swings, anxiety is on the rise… everything is on the rise…

Well, if you told me the pound was on the rise against the dollar…I would be ecstatic…I would be jumping up and down…So would you!

But to read about all these other things being on the rise.. is not good….

Now back to protein drinks/powders…I know people who take them…I know they are being endorsed by all these celebrities and I know as well as you do and  I can take an educated guess how much money the industry is worth … I said earlier that I have been virtually told that I talk rubbish sometimes… I may not know exactly what is in everything and exactly how it can affect us by continually consuming it…BUT…I ain’t stupid either and you may fool the masses…..But you won’t convince me I am wrong ever…

Well, I wasn’t talking rubbish all these years ago back in 1980 when I wouldn’t let my kids have a  Mr Frosty or have slush puppies…Why? My answer was if it does that to your tongue what does it do to your insides…As simple as that!

Freds with blue tongue

Interestingly it is still sold but MINUS those sachets of hyper-inducing colours and sugars…I was browsing the internet the other week and lo and behold…I was ecstatic this very fit young man…an athlete was NOT endorsing the use of Protein drinks/powders. He was saying that too much protein is really bad for you and that as a career athlete he kept his body fit by eating a healthy varied diet also he is a fitness trainer and doesn’t endorse the use of protein powders/drinks to his clients.

This made me do my own research and I was not surprised but then  I have never been over the years when all these new things are paraded in front of us…The advertising industry must be laughing out loud all the way to the bank.


Researchers at Oxford University in the UK  found no evidence that protein powders produced any better results than a healthy balanced diet.

Yet that train lumbers on and at speed…..

Forward 10 years from now….What do you think will be the topic of conversation about Protein powders and drinks.?..Will they still be lauded as the best thing since sliced bread?????


I think I will place my bet now!

Rant over and I feel much better for that…What is your opinion on Protein Powders?

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