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Smorgasbord Health Rewind – Cook from Scratch with Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Honey – Nectar of the Gods

I love honey especially raw from the cone which is plentiful here…I am so lucky and as Sally says it has so many health benefits it also makes a lovely addition to many dishes …

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This week it is the turn of honey which has been providing sweetness to our diet for thousands of years. First I look at its many health benefits and then Carol is going to work her magic in the kitchen.

Many people are enjoying the benefits of plant based sweeteners such as Stevia which are very useful in cooking and as an alternative to table sugar.  I do use at times but I still use honey for its reputation for thousands of years as a healing food.

I doubt that there are many people today who are not aware of the health risks in consuming too much sugar-rich food. Diabetes is on the increase, especially in children, and along with obesity is likely to be one of the top causes of premature death within a few years.

To my mind, the insidious inclusion of sugars in processed foods and equally…

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