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Travel Australia…Lancelin the home of pure white sand…and Ostriches.


Well to say that was an experience is an understatement…Lancelin is 22 miles of beautiful white sand and a  4 x 4  coming down the dunes which have an angle of a massive 45-degrees  and which are the biggest in Western Australia was a heart-stopping experience for this lady.

We reached the top and when I looked down…I couldn’t help but utter an expletive…haha… well, I am no spring chicken but my grandson thought I might like it! Bless him…

Well, the adventure didn’t stop there we set out to do some sightseeing …

Lancelin-WA-Pure white-sand

We drove for a few miles along a sand ledge and we were following behind the lead truck then suddenly the leading truck just run out of trail it just ended and the truck ended up at a 45-degree angle the kids literally jumped out of the windows and sat atop a dune just screaming they were so scared.

The driver an inexperienced sand dune driver was just as white as the sand luckily we had an experienced sand dune driver on board our truck  and how he did what he did I do not know to this day he got that truck upright and on terra firma it took a while and much shunting but thank goodness he was there.

The motto never travel alone or without an experienced dune driver.

It was an experience and a very beautiful place to sand board and do some amazing adrenaline rushing 4 x 4 driving and of course when( not if) most get stuck there is always a friendly face to help tow you out. On this occasion we were that friendly advice don’t go on your own…Always go in a group.

The dunes may look awesome and beautiful but they can also be very dangerous to the inexperienced… I cannot stress this enough…

We were also very lucky to see our first wild Ostrich among the sand dunes of Lancelin.


Now I must tell you about the Guinness book of records attempt…by the residents of Lancelin.

World Record attempt, Lancelin Off -Road Muster, WA

15 Oct 2016

Lancelin welcomed hundreds of off-road vehicles to town on, Saturday, October 15th, 2016 for the inaugural Lancelin Off-Road Muster sponsored by Perth Diesel Performance and Line-X.

The main purpose of the event is to smash the Guinness World Record for Largest convoy of off-road vehicles which stands at 154, set in Doha, Qatar in 2014.

Well….. They Dune It!

The previous world record holders started with 411 vehicles and 154 finished.

Lancelin Off Roaders started with 448 and ALL 448 FINISHED.

Now I am going to brag.

I am claiming Nan’s bragging rights ( still) as my Grandson and his dad were 2 of the 448.

It was not as easy as it looked as all the drivers had to drive correctly so as not to leave the sand too soft for the truck behind as then they would get stuck…There is no other way to put it! … Precision is everything and any errors could cost dearly… the difference between winning or losing.

They also had to be exactly 2 metres from the vehicle in front when they passed the green flag…Not an easy feat at all.

A big well-done guys that must have taken some coordination and planning.

Thank you to Mel for the lovely photos and a big “Well Done” to everyone…

It is now in the Guinness Book of Records.

Guiness- Book- record- Lancelin-WA

It was a great day out and the small town of Lancelin can PROUDLY say they hold a Guinness World Record for off-road vehicles which is what the town is renowned for – off-roading!

lancelin off road muster 5

Don’t forget if you go exploring at Lancelin take care and take supplies…

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Travel Australia…The friendliest animal on earth…The Quokka…

Travel Australia The Quokka

Australia can lay claim to having the most poisonous animal in the world ( The Box Jellyfish) and for also having the greatest number of poisonous snakes … They also have the worlds friendliest animal so we were so excited to take this trip to see the Quokkas we stocked up with our sweet potatoes as my friend told me the Quokkas love sweet potato and they did…

Rottnest Island is home to the Quokkas and it lies just 19km off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.

rottnest-island Perth

The island’s name came from a Dutch explorer William de Vlamingh who visited the island in 1696 and mistook the islands unusual marsupial for a common rat. Rottnest started as “Rotte nest” which translated means rats nest.

Just a short ferry ride from Fremantle(locally) know as Freeo, Perth or Hillary’s Boat Harbour…..who do the best ice cream ever…

That is definitely the place to go if you want delicious Ice cream or chocolate churros… Foodie heaven.

Rottnest Island_Pelican

As we pulled in to Rottnest we were greeted by the sentry a beautiful Pelican who looked like he was on guard…Once on this beautiful island, you can take a guided walking tour around Rottnest, hire bikes or snorkel gear.

Considering I used to bike everywhere when I was young my lack of biking skills now is an ongoing source of amusement for my family… Please be aware that this island is quite hilly and not for the faint-hearted or me… I hit a tree… I will not hold it against you if you laugh everyone else does…hahaha

Rottnest lighthouse and bikes

The train ride to view the maze of tunnels beneath WWII gun emplacement on Oliver Hill was a better mode of transport for Moi.

Although the island is only 11 km wide and 4.5 km across it is very hilly and has steep hills so bear that in mind when deciding how you are going to navigate around please do not do what I did if you are not a proficient bicycle rider…

For sailing enthusiasts, swimmers or triathlon fans there is an annual sailing Beneteau Regatta held in August and fun runs and races throughout the year.

But we came to see those lovely cute Quokkas … A tip from a local, Thank you, Pat ….they love sweet potato. I love these little Quokkas and they really do look as if they are smiling at you such happy trusting little animals.

a smiling quokka-2676171_1280

The total Quokka population numbers about 14,000 of which 12,000 live on Rottnest which is a class A reserve noted for its high conservation and community values.

All plants and animals on Rottnest are protected by law and today the Quokka is considered to be a vulnerable species. They have a lack of fear of humans and this makes them vulnerable.

Baby Quokkas are called joeys and they gestate for one month in mum’s womb and then move to mum’s pouch they stay with mum for a few months but the mums are known that if threatened they will throw their babies on the ground to save themselves… Awwww that’s not nice…

Interesting Fact: Quokkas have their own Twitter #

This video by the Bondi Vet shows just how friendly Quokkas can be…They really do deserve the title as one of the worlds happiest animals.

A member of the genus Setonix the same family as Roos and wallabies they are a small macropod who eat grass, stems, leaves by swallowing them whole. they then regurgitate their food and eat it again this way they extract more nutrients..clever little things aren’t they?

It was a lovely day out to this little island and the Quokkas were delightful little animals…

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Travel Australia…Penguin Island…Shoal Water Bay, Perth…

Penguin Island Shoal Bay Perth

Since retiring and settling in Thailand we are closer to my daughter in Perth, WA and of course other Asian countries  l will be sharing with you our travels around Asia alongside any hints and tips which we have picked up on our travels if you have any questions then I will try my best to answer them from my travel experiences.

My first post of call is the beautiful  Penguin Island it sits on Shoal Bay just 45 minutes from southern Perth and it is only a short 5-minute ferry ride out to Penguin Island.

It is home to approx 1000 pairs of the worlds smallest penguins in the world.

Aptly and most originally called Little Penguin.

The island and the marine park has over 50 species of birds and other wildlife which includes wild dolphins, Sea Lions, Stingrays and a resident Pelican colony.

Seagulls penguin island

Closed over the winter period to allow the Little penguins to nest it is open the rest of the year where the penguins spend most of the day feeding in the waters of the marine park. They are habitually very shy birds so if you catch a glimpse you are very lucky.

There are however a small colony of rescued Penguins kept in a dedicated enclosure on the island.

Known as ” The Discovery Centre” it was built in 1987 by the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Little Penguin.JPG

As well as being a sanctuary to care for injured wild penguins it is also home to about 10 resident penguins that have been badly injured, orphaned chicks or born in captivity and it is very unlikely that they would survive in the wild.

Designed to reflect the penguins natural sandy coastal scrub environment it includes a saltwater pond with viewing panels to watch the little penguins swim.

Penguin feedings are held three times daily hosted by one of the Wildlife rangers who are very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions.

This is not a ZOO and everything is geared towards the animals here living in peace and in a natural environment so they can breed and feed quite happily.

NO food or drink can be purchased on the island… A picnic area is provided but has NO bins. Visitors are expected to take their rubbish away with them.

Designed as a preventive measure to stop being a food source for destructive animals such as the Black Rat.

The island can also be accessed by private boat, kayaking, swimming or walking across the Tidal Sandbar which is exposed at low tide. Although it is only 700 metres across from Perth the weather can change very quickly and there have been incidents of drownings, so if you walk please be aware of the weather conditions.

View showing tidal sand bar

If you do visit this lovely wildlife island and marine park please be respectful and careful where you tread and ENJOY!

It is a beautiful island. please respect that. The one thing I love about Australia is that they take every possible step to protect wildlife in their natural habitat… we are allowed to view that which is a privilege so please respect that and do not behave like an idiot.

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