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Healthy Eating …No more Diets…


Good morning from sunny Thailand although there could be a black cloud on the horizon when I jump on the scales today…Maybe if I just gently step on they will be kind…

Wow, but that was the few days that was in Phuket and I was true to my word I did not write a thing in my food diary…And did I enjoy my food??? Oh Yes…

So take a pew and I will tell all… 

lola roxy and sophia at shipwreck

It started with two flight delays and no I didn’t partake no alcohol just H2O( water) …I have an unwritten rule that I don’t drink when flying…It doesn’t help with the jet lag or the swollen ankles so over the years I have learnt…and of course I make up for it when I land so this lady doesn ‘t miss out…

On arrival ..late and my friend had eaten…so I opted for my favourite Grapow Moo washed down with 2 glasses of wine…

grapow- krapow-egg-pork

After a catch up we eventually went to sleep …

Woken by the sounds of cups clinking…we had a cuppa( tea) on the balcony then showered and took a walk…Oh… it hasn’t changed all the ticket touts selling their wares but we wanted breakfast so we opted for a buffet breakfast at the nearest beach hotel… It was …not a joy really…aimed at the tourist market…nothing to write home about …

So I opted for a Thai omelette which is an omelette with fish sauce and chillies and she added cheese before I could stop her..but it was ok…


Time for a walk we strolled along the beach and then we decided to take a walk to meet our other friend…At this point I will just say I love my friend Barbara aka Sofia..her sense of direction…She hasn’t a clue…


A nice walk though and I chatted to a few people along the way…It  was thirsty work walking  so first drink of the day was a lovely mango smoothie…and  Sofia had a banana and pandan smoothie..


Refreshed… we set off…heading for Mini Golf which was our first watering hole… a ginger and lemongrass mojito minus the rum..a mocktail they call it…


Lovely chicken satay to eat… I just love the Thai peanut dip and a lovely cucumber and chilli one …

chicken satay

Lola, Roxy and Sofia are now in the house!

Just in case you were wondering and I think it must be an American thing…For a while when we had our restaurant I heard the staff talking about Sofia and in the end said no her name is Barbara but apparently not or not when she is out…So we became Sofia, Lola, Roxy and Ethel… Who unforunately couldn’t join us…In case you are wondering I am Roxy…

Next stop...A reunion with our Thai friend Iddy who happens to work @ A wine bar…We had to drop by and say hello…


The sun dried tomatoes from Italy were awesome as were the olives …Two bottles of wine later we headed for Ann’s Kitchen where I had the best Penang Red Curry I have had for a while it was lovely…


Next stop …This little bar we know…. a few G & T’s later and after some great music and a little boogie we retired to bed…

gin tonic

I think by now you understand why I am not keeping a food diary… Well I am sort of though but in my head…

Up bright and early it was a banana for starters…Sofia had the muffins…I needed to top up my potassium…I just knew it was going to be one of those days…

Patong here we come…I love that drive the scenery is awesome…

First stop ..well we all had a couple of little stops to make so the Irish Times was our meeting point…It was now 11am but I am sure it was 5pm somewhere in the world so those couple of  glasses of wine were welcome as we chatted and caught up…

On to Absolute for lunch and I had a lovely Massaman Curry very nice and my drink as I knew the next stop was Ship wreck ( our favourite) bar in Patong…

massamum curry at Absolute 1

I had a Komucha…I am not snitching here but my two friends …Sophia and Lola ..they were on the hard stuff…Me? I  paced myself…

Ship wreck and I could have been wrecked and quite early in the day…so I was again on the water…

lola roxy and sophia at shipwreck

Time for a sundowner and nowhere better than one of my favourite Beach side restaurants …The wine flowed as did the prawns, garlic and some lovely very thin sort of bread with goats cheese and things…

beach cuisine girls night out

Time for a tune or two accompanied by some G & T’s…

And now to sleep….


Breakfast at Waya’s was fruit and lovely cinnamon bread and fresh coconut water….

A last stop at the wine bar and we headed for the airport…..


1lb on…That is a minor miracle….So I am happy with that and back on the food diary

When I say no to diets I mean sensible healthy eating BUT sometimes to take time out and enjoy is ok..So no beating yourself up I don’t..Just get back on it … 1 lb on considering what I ate and drank is really good…But we did some walking and I gave myself a little break at some watering holes and stayed on the H2o aka water…You must keep hydrated in the sun and it worked …I enjoyed some great food( guilt free) and cocktails and a few bottles of wine but ..Back on it now as Christmas is coming and the only thing getting fat will be the goose…WON’T IT?????

How do you cope with a holiday and breaks??? Any tips to share???

Please let us know in comments…

About Carol:

Enjoying life in The Land Of Smiles I am having so much fun researching, finding new, authentic recipes both Thai and International to share with you. New recipes gleaned from those who I have met on my travels or are just passing through and stopped for a while. I hope you enjoy them.

I love shopping at the local markets, finding fresh, natural ingredients, new strange fruits and vegetable ones I have never seen or cooked with. I am generally the only European person and attract much attention and I love to try what I am offered and when I smile and say Aroy or Saab as it is here in the north I am met with much smiling.

Some of my recipes may not be in line with traditional ingredients and methods of cooking but are recipes I know and have become to love and maybe if you dare to try you will too. You will always get more than just a recipe from me as I love to research and find out what other properties the ingredients I use have to improve our health and wellbeing.

Exciting for me hence the title of my blog, Retired No One Told Me! I am having a wonderful ride and don’t want to get off, so if you wish to follow me on my adventures, then welcome! I hope you enjoy the ride also and if it encourages you to take a step into the unknown or untried, you know you want to…….Then, I will be happy!

Carol is a contributor to the Phuket Island Writers Anthology:

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Until next time I hope you have enjoyed my mini break and how I deal with holidays and breaks…Life is for enjoying as is food BUT moderation is a lifestyle and if you are serious it works…xxx







Retired No One Told me! Weekly roundup…Bubble berries, Bread and Bacon…

Welcome to my weekly roundup slightly late as it has been one of those weeks…A bitty week when I haven’t got as much done…Do you get them???

Anyway, here I so get your favourite drink, a comfy seat, feet up and relax…

lady relaxing kindle-1867751_1280

Fruity Fridays is the first post of the week and what a pretty little berry it is…I love the name Bubble berry it suits it so well and made into a chutney on some lovely brown bread with some goats cheese it really is tasty…

Fruity Friday's The Inca Berry (1)

Thinking of food again..I had a lovely curry yesterday with my favourite black rice or raspberry rice as they call it …we grow a small amount on the farm and I really like it …

pork masala with black rice

My favourite curry and you can see how much I love coriander, can’t you? but look at that lovely rice it really has a beautiful taste… Recipe for the curry will follow soon maybe next week…

Travel Thailand was next and a lovely little temple very quirky… a mixture of old and new and one I had driven past daily for a few years and it was only after I moved away from the area that I visited typical that you don’t often see what is on your doorstep…

qwirky figures

I then got all … well, you know me by now and on occasions, something starts me thinking and away I go…All I will say is Quiet the mind and the soul will speak…

Melientha Soup

No to Diets and yes to healthy Eating…This week I talked about growing your own, communal gardens letting your kids help cook and garden which encourages them to eat and also to start to question exactly what is in your food…Be aware…Those pesky, greedy manufacturers have had their own way too long…We need to fight back…Don’t buy it! Simples!


Before I knew it it was Wednesday… Carol’s Cookery Column over at Sally’s … Slightly different this week as it was a joint effort… I cooked and cured the bacon and ham, baked the bread and made some yummy Jalapeno Poppers and baked not deep fried so a bit healthier and our Sally made the Mayo…There is nothing like freshly made mayo and her banana dip caught my eye as well as being something different …If that hasn’t made you hungry then nothing will…More for us…hehe

Lastly, I had to reblog Debby’s post over at Sally’s, she is the Queen of the cruises after all and what I knew about cruising you could write on a postage stamp… I now feel equipped and all fired up to take a cruise… it was a very well written and informative post on the do and don’ts …Of cruising!

cruising Debby

I hope now you are rested and ready to go and have enjoyed the read…xxx

That’s all for this week let me know how you get on in comments I love to hear from you…

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Enjoy the rest of your week, have fun, eat healthily and stay mindful xxx




Quiet the mind and the soul will speak…Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Very true, just sitting quietly and freeing your thoughts is remarkably calming. I need calm, having retired, I feel the need for calm and also solitude at times ..not because I am angry, or mad at someone but just because I value time and now I have time to do that…it energises me and gets my thoughts flowing.

Living in Thailand has taught me to be calmer and there is no lovelier place to do so….it may be at the beach under the shade of a palm tree, or in my quiet space at home or just walking…

Meditation is a part of daily life here. Most homes and places of business feature a ” Spirit House” just outside the building. If you have a new business Thais always get it blessed by monks before it opens and that includes large corporate companies like Tesco Lotus, Makro they all have an opening ceremony around the Spirit House. A new house or car is always blessed by monks for good luck



This picture is typical of a Thai House being blessed. The monks come and the food is provided for them, they sit and eat with the family and bless the house… this is generally done before any furniture is bought into the house.

All my gardens here have had a spirit house except for this one which has a prayer room…

Diet, while trying to be mindful of what I eat I am discovering that vegetables are one of the ways to go and being aware. I had thought for many years that grain fed beef was good for you, however, I have changed that view as in these days of GM foods etc Grain fed doesn’t hold any attraction for me.

It seems like the quick way to fatten the calf so to speak whereas grass-fed obviously take longer to mature without additives so that’s the route I am taking. Seriously looking at where my food is made and raised and eating a diet filled with lots of veggies and raw to boot or very, very lightly steamed in some I am following the Thai way of eating as much as I can… I do think my taste buds have changed since living here or maybe it is the advancing years…

What way of eating are you following?

There are so many ways of eating and I suppose I incorporate a bit of many and advocate healthy eating with little or no processed foods ….. A typical Thai meal would be like this one pictured…

Fish- soup- STICKY -RICE


The fish is called Batu and is very similar to mackerel it is quite an oily fish, this fish is also used for a dip like the one in the middle of the dish it is pounded together with chillies, lime also Nam Pla or crab is sometimes added which is an acquired taste…I am getting to not like it as such but can eat in small amounts…lol

Vegetables are varied and include long beans, white cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, Thai basil, Grapow, banana flower, flower heads of which I don’t know the proper names many are collected before the sun comes up, the flowers drop off overnight,  they are lightly streamed after having removed stamen and eaten. Various vegetables some easily recognised as being eaten worldwide and others not so common to me…Much is still foraged for here as are many mushrooms although I tend to steer clear of any which I don’t recognise. Some I recognise many I still don’t …Some I have tried and like and others I find very bitter… This soup I was shown how to make when I visited a family village it was very nice…

Melientha Soup

The nose to tail eating is also followed here especially here in the North, Spinal cord soup, intestines, stomach every part… Those I have passed on they just don’t appeal to me I suppose that is my western palate kicking in… Although thinking back over the years my mum used to cook pigs trotters and the like so was that so very different and tripe is still eaten by many…

Ants eggs I have tried and like… they have a lemony taste and make a nice salad…

ant egg salad

Thai’s are always eating as most of the meals contain lots of vegetables which don’t fill you up for long, very little dairy is eaten with the main carbs being rice, sweet potato, yams but many meals as above are just fish and vegetables…lots of them… every meal in any restaurant comes with a plate of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables as the norm… which is healthy and the diet generally is a healthy one as MS is also not as widely used as it once was.

Well, that’s it for now stay safe, laugh a lot and be mindful …

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend I hope you have a lovely Sunday and the weather is kind to you xxx


Retired No One Told Me! Weekly Roundup…Jackfruit,Alinea and Beeswax Wraps.

Weekly Roundup (2)

Wow…What a week this has been…A week of firsts for me some cracking reblogs so get yourself settled for a treat ladies and gents something for everyone…Feet up drink to the ready and enjoy!

First out of the starting blocks is an amazing restaurant brought to us by John Reiber…Who has eaten there…Not that I am in the least bit jealous…hmmm

I read the post then hotfooted it over to Netflix and watched the interview… That chef is awe-inspiring his work is just out of this world.


Look at that doesn’t it just make you drool??? So head over and have a look he is such an innovative chef whose skill just blows me away…

Fruity Fridays and the Jackfruit... To say I was again just stunned that the unripe fruit cooked was so different in taste and texture to the ripe fruit  I can see how it is going down a storm in the Vegan circles as the best and maybe even as good as pulled pork…I, of course, added chilli and made a  Thai Dish… Master the latex and you are sorted prepare to be astounded…

I then took you on a little tour of some of my favourite places, beaches, food and so much more…If I give too much away you won’t want to read the post…Will you??

longtail-Thailand-island tours

It was some more of my favourite places isn’t that a gorgeous sunset?

Sunset Bangtao Beach

A beautiful sunset at Bagtao Beach

Thai mango chicken was my next recipe…Mango season is in full swing and so many mangoes so we need to get inventive as there is only so much mango chutney and smoothies  I can make and this chicken is very nice and of course it has chilli…

Mango Chicken

My next reblog was an interview with our Sally who is not only a very good author and prolific writer in her own right but she supports all authors and bloggers however and whenever she can…She truly is a lovely lady with a good heart and it was lovely to learn about her and she also has a wicked sense of humour and has a little rant on the quiet as well…lol

Sally Cronin

Healthy eating and Tofu...Well a first for me..I cooked my first tofu dish and it was ok…My grandson loved it…I didn’t so much, I liked it but didn’t love it…But I am going to be taking the lovely Tori’s advice and try another recipe… Tori was also kind enough to write a guest post and for me, it was perfect as I knew nothing about tofu and hadn’t cooked or eaten it so for all you first timers like me I hope you found it informative and for all you experienced tofu cooks ..throw some recipes our way, please…Esme has already so thank you, Esme.

Tori - September 2015

Me again my regular weekly cookery column over at Sally’s this week I showcased Mince a vastly underrated meat and one which you can transform into many, many dishes from a tasty but humble mince, onions and mash to a beautiful lasagne … One of my favourites a chilli…No surprises there then…lol

Lastly, my little foray into the why’s and wherefores of Beeswax food covers and also that turned into a little rant about what we are being poisoned with and by whom…and what can we do about it??? Lots if we don’t stick our heads in the sand as it doesn’t affect us…YET! There are also good links for further info within the post…I will leave you with this little glimpse at what our celebs do before they go laughing to their banks…

That’s all for this week I do hope you have enjoyed this week as much as I have…

That’s all for this post  I do hope you have enjoyed it and found it useful and I am looking forward to your comments and if you also hit the share buttons I would love that ….Thanks, Carol xxx

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Until next time, stay safe, laugh a lot as laughter is the best medicine and it is free xxx




Travel Thailand; The Land of Smiles.

Retired No One Told Me! (6)

When you travel to Thailand be ready to be truly amazed the minute you step off the plane.

One of the first places we visited on our travel and explorations around Phuket was Big Buddha one of the most famous landmarks on the island of Phuket.

Big Buddha

Big Buddha, I have lost count of how many times we have travelled up the mountain to Big Buddha and it is always a place we take our visitors… While work is still ongoing there is always something different and new to see… My favourite sight though will always be that huge Big Buddha sat atop the Nakkerd hills sparkling in the sunlight, made of white jade he just shimmers as the sunlight catches that beautiful white jade… An awesome sight… Remember to keep covered up no bare arms and legs. Then on the way down you can stop at one of the restaurants and enjoy some lovely Thai food and of course the spectacular views around the bay.

If you travel to Phuket then you must go and visit Big Buddha.

There are many beautiful beaches in Thailand, my favourites are the ones which are not so crowded…The lesser visited beaches which are so beautiful… How to pick a favourite? Click this link and you will see why I can’t make that choice they all have their own charm. All you need is a beach towel and a camera and don’t forget the sunscreen.

beach and chairs nice pic

You have of course got the very touristy beaches like Patong, in Phuket but if you visit some of the others you can see or do some silk printing, have your portrait painted or just relax at a reggae bar and watch the waves or if you are feeling particularly sporty there is paddle boarding for which you need a fair amount of balance and it is not as easy as it looks… But you can’t travel to Thailand and not do at least one of these.


Sea gypsy villages are so very beautiful…They have a life of their own..self contained and self-sufficient, some have a school and one even has its own floating football pitch. Very fresh seafood, some amazing Thai food can be tasted it is all authentic flavours no holds barred when it comes to chillies … Just browse the little stalls set up in front of homes selling anything from dried fish, honeyed nuts, local goods made of silk or bags made by the hill tribes from the North and of course the normal bits and bobs to take home as mementoes of your travels.

houses on stilts Koh Panyee

I just love Krabi...Taking a long-boat to visit all the little islands is a marvellous day out just be ready to get wet and having to wade out to sea a little to get onto the boat but so much better than the speedboats for me anyway…You see far more and the boatmen know the schedules of the big boats so you can see the islands and miss the crowds.

A Thai massage on the beach or some lovely wraps and wall hangings which the beach vendors will be trying to sell to you…Lovely handmade wooden goods … purses and key rings …all sorts for sale and remember Thais love to barter…

If you are hungry the food is fresh from the boats and cooked to order…

You can get the most wonderful Thai massage on the beach while laying and looking out to sea and letting your thoughts just wander and take you where they may …

I will tell you a funny story when we went to one of the small islands massage was not permitted on some of the beaches but you could see the police boat coming as obviously boat was the only form of  access so if the boat appeared everyone upped sticks and we sat and sipped our drinks  as if nothing was going on and when they went on their merry way massage continued it was quite funny really and made me wonder whether the police really knew anyway…

My masseur happened to be male as all the ladies were busy … My lucky day…apparently, I had that look on my face( according) to hubby…I think it is called a blissful look …That massuer had the best hands…The rest I will leave to your very fertile imaginations..ladies…”smirk”

Temples or wats there are SO many here they range from the very old to the very new. From highly ornate to ones which need some TLC and to the quirky temples like this one which is made entirely out of Heineken and Chang bottles.

Called Wat Pa Maha Kaew or the Temple of a Million Bottles it is a Buddhist temple in the Khun Han district of Sisaket province, Thailand. Made from over 1.5 million bottles it took two years to build the main temple.

Can you just imagine a temple built completely from bottles and beer bottles?

Wat Bang Riang

This one is Wat Bang Riang a little drive from Phuket but well worth the trip …

I can’t go without mentioning briefly the food of which there is so much to love…Those Thai flavours are so amazing…

My Favourite Khao Soi a yellow curry with crispy noodles which packs a fiery punch as well.

You can’t visit Thailand and not visit a market…They are many and varied from the huge markets which sell everything to the little local market with 10-15 stalls which sell the essentials and the fresh fruit and vegetables are so very fresh..just picked that morning… Not forgetting, of course, the floating markets.


That’s all for this post  I do hope you have enjoyed it. I am looking forward to your comments and if you also hit the share buttons I would love that ….Thanks, Carol xxx

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend I hope you have a lovely Sunday and the weather is kind to you xxx


Travel Thailand …Krabi…The emerald Pool

Travel Thailand...Krabi1


There is so much to see and do here in Thailand so much natural beauty like the Emerald Pool. We visited a few years ago on one of our first trips to Thailand and a trip we have never forgotten.

Surrounded by forest this Emerald coloured natural pure spring water pool is very beautiful. It is a must visit if you are in the area, you will be so pleased that you did this.

Surrounded by forest you can get access to the Emerald pool from the car park… It is about 800 metres either by walking across the concrete walkway or as we did and took the dirt track through the trees. What a lovely walk it was and if you are lucky you may spot some of the wildlife.

the emerald pool Krabi

Known locally as the Crystal pool or lagoon…

Sra Morakot in Thai, this pool has natural streams running from the limestone hills above into the pool.

It gets extremely busy here and it is advisable to go early in the day. This is because it is a little cooler and you will see the natural colour of the pool… The colour changes through the day as the sun moves in the sky.


Make sure you take water bottles with you and make sure you take a plastic bag so that you can take your bottles away with you… No Littering…

Wear sports sandals or shoes for if you take a walk through the trees like we did. There are natural steps and small pools made by the streams which run through to the main pool and it can be extremely slippery underfoot.

emerald pool krabi 1

Once you arrive at the pool take great care it is extremely slippery and sitting on your butt while entering the water seems to be the preferred method of entry for most people.

If you take a 5-minute walk from the Emerald pool then you will see the Blue Pool which is a bright turquoise colour and deep no swimming is allowed here the Blue Pool is just for viewing and the taking of photos.

As you can see from the photos we had an enjoyable time …

aston and sean emerald pool Krabi

I did not risk entering the pool as it was far too slippery for me but I enjoyed people watching and taking photos and smiling at some of the methods of not only getting into the pool but getting out…lol

So to recap wear proper sports footwear, take water bottles and plenty of suntan lotion

Thank you for reading this post and if you get the chance to visit Krabi then a visit to this lovely natural pure spring water pool is a must.

Using Krabi as your base you can also visit by longtail boat or speedboat many of the beautiful islands around here.

I just love Krabi...Taking a long-boat to visit all the little islands is a marvellous day out just be ready to get wet and having to wade out to sea a little to get onto the boat but so much better than the speedboats for me anyway…You see far more and the boatmen know the schedules of the big boats so you can see the islands and miss the crowds. A Thai massage on the beach or some lovely wraps and wall hangings which the beach vendors will be trying to sell to you…Lovely handmade wooden goods … purses and key rings …all sorts for sale and remember Thais love to barter…

longtail-Thailand-island tours

If you are hungry the food is fresh from the boats and cooked to order…you can get the most wonderful Thai massage on the beach while laying and looking out to sea and letting your thoughts just wander and take you where they may…

Have you enjoyed your read? If so let me know in comments I do love to hear from you it makes my day…

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Have a lovely weekend xx



Retired No One Told Me! Weekly Roundup…The friendliest animal in the world and the shocking truth about the Cook Islands and Timor Leste…

Weekly roundup (1)14 june

Welcome to my weekly roundup of posts which I hope you enjoy… I love roundups as it means I don’t have to worry about missing any posts from my favourite bloggers. Somedays I am just so busy or I get sidetracked and just miss some posts I think we all do, Don’t we????

The first post out of the starting blocks is Fruity Friday’s and last week it was the Cranberry… A fruit that I always just associated with Christmas but it is a fruit which is worthy and can enhance so many recipes.

cranberry beans-1353042_1280

There is also a bean called the cranberry bean…Did you know that???

Next up it was one of my Travel Thailand post and a beautiful waterfall which was very close to my house when I lived in Phuket …I love finding out-of-the-way places I don’t really like these revamped, busy new tourist attractions …I like finding the hidden gems and this little waterfall is one of those but it also links to other waterfalls so all is not as it seems at first glance.

Retired No One Told Me! Ton Tai Waterfall

Isn’t it beautiful??

This lovely waterfall was followed by one of my Travel Australia posts and Rottnest Island which is home to one of the friendliest animals on earth …The Quokka…

a smiling quokka-2676171_1280

I love this photo as he is smiling for the camera…

How to follow that well I didn’t Sally did with a wonderful post …Her weekly followup which meant I caught up …I still think I will keep my feet on terra firm but it was a lovely read so get your favourite drink settle down and have a read.

You will be treated to more of Sally’s shenanigans, there is a meeting with sharks, some interesting facts about the beautiful Iris flowers and some great news that I will have a partner in crime as Debby will be hosting a travel guide and I can’t wait as that is bound to be fun… So without giving too much away click the link below and say hello.

Next, we have The Charade and guess who is not as brave as he thought he was ???


This Carl just looks like what he is…A bit of a creep a third-rate, hard man…

It was then the turn of the last in a series of posts  I have been writing about Obesity and one which I was shocked to find that the causes of Obesity in the case of the Cook Islanders were the invasion of luxury resorts who built on their agricultural land… The country I thought had it all sewn up who ate healthily and exercised etc…In fact is poverty-stricken and the people malnourished caused by occupation and war… Not the outcome I visualised… It made me so sad…


It makes me so sad that my series has had to end this way that a once proud race who lived long lives are now reduced to a race who die prematurely with chronic diseases brought about by the invasion of luxury holiday resorts and a western diet.

The other group a race of people who build beautiful houses like those pictured and have a tradition of beautiful textiles and had their lives torn apart by invasions and war and are now dying from malnutrition brought on by poverty. A sad state of affairs for both and not the ending I thought I would be writing.

Lastly, I have given you the recipes for 5 Thai Curry Pastes you can make at home so head over to my cookery column at Sally’s where you can save them for later 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup…Until tomorrow when it is Fruity Friday and the Star Fruit.

If you have found this a thought-provoking read in some aspects please share xxx

If you really want to see even more from me???? There are many strings to my bow…If you still want to find out more…

I am a crazy English lady with a quirky sense of humour…  I look forward to meeting you x

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Have a lovely week xx

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