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Friday Food Review…Edible Flowers…Part 1…#Bee Balm, Squash Flowers and #Lavender Flowers

I watch all…well most of the cooking programmes…I love Masterchef and Great British Menu and I am in awe of the beautiful presentation of the food and if I can ever-present food that resembles those dishes just a little then I will be a happy bunny.

Lots of the FB and Instagram posts portray such beautiful food often adorned with pretty flowers which seems to be something of the norm now…BUT….. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE PRETTY FLOWERS ARE????


Well, Don’t! Pretty does not mean it’s safe to eat…a bit like mushrooms some of the prettiest mushrooms are the deadliest…and don’t forget we don’t want to eat flowers if they have been sprayed with a pesticide so if you are buying edible flowers you need to know their source…

Bee Balm(Wild Bergamot)

The pink or red petals of bee balm (or wild bergamot) can taste of spice, citrus, or mint.

They complement rice, fish, and pasta dishes, salads, and sauces (such as salsa) and are great added to lemonade, cocktails, or black tea (for an Earl-Grey flavour). Because the taste is strong, only a few petals are needed.

Grow in moist, well-drained soil in the sun or semi-shade. A bonus point of bee balm is that it’s one of the best mosquito-repellent plants.


With its large yellow or orange flowers are great fun in the kitchen. They have a sweet taste and can be stuffed with cheese (such as ricotta) and baked, dipped in batter, fried, or eaten raw. You can also add them to omelettes, pasta, and salads.


Elizabeth I drank lavender tea and ate lavender conserve to soothe her migraines. This ancient aromatic herb is said to detox, calm, and relieve headaches.

In the kitchen, the sweet, balmy taste of the purple flowers is delicious in baked goods and can also be used in ice cream. It is also used to flavour meat.

‘With their heady perfume, these tiny blooms are ideal for flavouring sugar and pepping up bland biscuits… Its floral taste works exceptionally well alongside citrus notes – think lemon and lavender shortbread, for instance. You don’t need much – overdoing it can make a dish taste a little soapy…

Thank you for joining me today as always I look forward to your comments x