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Smorgasbord Health Column – Major Organs and Sysems of the Body – The Immune System and Your role in its efficiency

For many of you the colder, damper weather is looming as is the threat of colds and flu…A good post to read to ensure you have the tools to avoid the dreaded flu/colds..Stay well xxx

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Last week I began a series onThe Immune System and how it works.

This week I would like to show you how your role it your immune system’s efficiency is critical and possibly life saving.

I spent most of the first 40 years of my life in ignorance when it came to my body. I had studied biology at school and apart from a scary film on childbirth (meant to be the ultimate contraceptive), I knew more about the insides of a frog.

As a family we ate well… But it was not related to our health in any way. Certainly as I stuffed food in one end I gave little thought as to what happened to it on its journey to the other end. I was more concerned that my sugar craving was satisfied and I was then a happy bunny.

It took the short and very sharp…

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Smorgasbord Health – Health in the News – Flu Season Vaccination Alert – New Mega vaccine available in UK and Boost your Immune System

With the cold, damp weather coming here is some timely advice from Sally on what you can do to protect yourself and build yourself up from the onslaught of germs which could come your way

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Starting to appear in the headlines across the media is news that following last year’s high death rates from the flu, and the ineffectiveness of the 2017 vaccine, a new maxi-strain format is going to be available this year.

Here is the summary of one of the articles.. this one by Jo Macfarlane for The Mail on Sunday

  • Experts reveal why you MUST have the new flu ‘mega-jab’ – after 15,000 people died from the virus in 2017 during worst outbreak in seven years
  • Government admitted last year’s jab only protected 15% of people from the virus
  • Last year marked worst flu outbreak for seven years with 15,000 people dying
  • New super-charged vaccine will be made available this winter for people over 65 – who are most likely to die from virus.
  • In July, the Government admitted that last year’s flu vaccine had failed to work for the vast majority…

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