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Smorgasbord Health – Christmas Cook From Scratch – Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Perfect and Healthy Brussel Sprouts

Awww Brussel Sprouts love them or hate them…I am in the love them camp… they always bring a lovely memory of my dad to mind as one of the last Christmas he spent with us he sat at the table saying “Love Brussels, must eat my Brussels ..repeated a few times over we were all in fits of laughter and it always makes us remember him with much love he made us smile ..Enjoy your Brussels daddy I am sure you have converted them all up there 🙂 xx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

It is that time of year when we bring out the decorations and over here – The Cook from Scratch Christmas recipes... I look at the health benefits of the food.. and my friend Carol Taylorturns them into something delicious the whole family will love.

Brussel sprouts are not necessarily the most asked for vegetable by children as they do have a slightly bitter taste (actually the healthy element of the Brussels), but if you prepare them following Carol’s guidance, they should be a hit with all the family.

At this time of year they are readily available in the stores and are a wonderful side dish for Turkey on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Variety is the spice of life….and our bodies need a wide variety of foods to extract all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

We are just coming into the Brussel sprout season and…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Food Column with Carol Taylor – #Thanksgiving/#Christmas Traditional Menu

I am rather proud of this menu as it was the first time I put anything like this in print…The beetroot tartare I will be making again as we loved it…I hope you enjoy reading it and find something that you love as well…Thank you, Sally, for reposting this menu…Hugs xxx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I little bit earlier than last year, but with Thanksgiving not until 28th of November, I thought those of you having Turkey for that celebration might enjoy some of the dishes Carol Taylorcreated for this menu.

Traditional Christmas Menu (and some ideas for Thanksgiving)

This menu is a mix of the traditional with a couple of other dishes thrown in…I always like to make at least one new dish every Christmas some I never make again as they were ok..Just not that memorable…You know what I mean don’t you…

Prawn Cocktail

As far back as I can remember Prawn Cocktail has been a must-have for our Christmas starter…..One year I fancied a change and we had a fantastic fresh seafood platter with Oysters, Langoustines everything you could think of and some Thai dips made by the daughter in Law…The only way to eat Oysters. But we also had to…

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Smorgasbord Christmas Celebrations – The Food Column – Carol Taylor – Traditional Christmas Menu

My carnivores Christmas menu…I hope even vegetarians will find something on here though…Beetroot tartare perhaps? Enjoy…Merry Christmas xxx

Christmas Smorgasbord Health – Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor #BrusselSprouts bitterly healthy!

I love Brussel Sprouts and hope you all enjoy these recipes safe in the knowledge that they are very healthy and have numerous health benefits 🙂

Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Cook From Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor – Brussel Sprouts.

Sprouts! You know you love them! Or do you????
I hope that after you have read the health benefits that Sally has presented for you and perused the recipes that you will be tempted to try them…They are coming into their season now and are at their best, so easy to prepare and cook…Enjoy!