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CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 13th -19th March 2022-Monday Musings, Health, A-Z World Cuisine, Belgium, Glace Cherries and Saturday Snippets where a “Heart” is my prompt.

Welcome to my weekly roundup...March has definitely arrived tonight the sky was a vibrant
red which means tomorrow will be another scorcher…
In other parts of the world, I am seeing the images of daffodils, tulips and cherry/apple
blossom  appearing…such a joyful flowers  which always makes me think of Wordsworth…” a
host of golden daffodils”
What is in store for you then this week if you are catching up…  My new A-Z  World Cuisines
featuring food from Belgium and anyone who has visited this lovely country will probably agree
that Moules and Frites are a wonderful thing… these posts seem to have struck a chord with
everyone and have been very well received …I have had some lovely comments…
plus it’s fun to research and write… Monday Musings are just some findings from the week
before which I either find amusing or not, … and on Tuesday there was another  Chicken
recipe… beautiful colourful chicken stir fry with Thai Eggplants…it is also National Celery Month
 and this delicious crunchy vegetable has some surprising uses…

Friday review and the subject was “Glace Cherries”  and how they are produced…Saturday Snippets is always a joy to write for me…and this week it was the “Heart”  all part of the human body…plus there are some fascinating connections to the word ”Heart”…from all the tunes which feature the heart…plus the fascinating science which is going on to produce an artificial heart it is awesome.

Right…enough of my chatter…Let’s have look at last week…

Monday Musings!

Monday Musings are a selection of things that have caught my eye the previous week…it could a song, a recipe or just something which has made me go wow!… Last week it was a podcast on “Who Benefits from Fake Meat” and how much is a stick of butter…I wish all measurements were universal…Tori bless her sent me a couple of conversion charts…Thank you, Tori x…Plus we then had one of my favourite rockers filling potholes…

Monday Musings…14th March 2022…

I am a big fan f these small eggplants..today I got some small white ones which means purple and white ones in my curries and stir-fries this week…here is a link for my US readers they are grown in the US…https://importfood.com/products/fresh-thai-produce/item/fresh-thai-eggplant

CarolCooks2 in my kitchen…Chicken and Eggplant Stir Fry…

One of the best meals of Moules and Fries can be had in Belgium…Plus they are famed for the Waffles but it’s not all fast food…they are also famed for their Chocolate… the Meatballs, the wonderful slow cooked Flemish stew, Rabbit cooked with prunes which was once a humble peasant dish and now it has been refined into something else by chefs around the country.

There is the humble sausage and mash ..served by parents and grandparents and cooked with black or white sausages or the blood sausage…Often, the mashed potatoes will be mixed with a vegetable, like carrots, to create stoemp, the typical Belgian kind of filling mashed potatoes…

CarolCooks2…A-Z World Cuisines…Part 8…Belgium

Sally is rewinding this series which was one I was happy to be part of ..It was interesting matching recipes to vitamins and I think so much easier when you know you need to increase a certain vitamin and the recipe is all tried and tested for you…I hope you think so too…Today Sally is talking about why it is important to have enough of the vitamin B6 in our diets…Please head over and have a read…

Smorgasbord Health with Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Cook from Scratch to prevent nutritional deficiency – Vitamin B6 – Prunes, Chicken Tagine, Sweet Potatoes

I love fresh cherries when they are in season but sometimes glace or maraschino cherries are called for and I was quite shocked when I realised how they were manufactured but it is also very easy to make your own…I can do nothing about the sugar but we can omit the chemicals and maybe some of the sugar…and steeped in Brandy who wouldn’t love then? Just saying!

CarolCooks2…Friday…Glace Cherries or Maraschino Cherries…

Brown Rice…a healthy alternative to white rice although of the white rice Jasmine Rice which we grow and eat here is the better of the white kinds of rice saying that I love brown rice, wild rice and raspberry rice my family doesn’t…In this post-Sally tells us about the benefits of eating brown rice and has provided us with a lovely recipe which I will be making and portioning for the week which means I will be happy as will the rest of the family to me that sounds like a plan…please head over and have a read…

Smorgasbord Health Column – Food Therapy Rewind – Brown Rice so much more than just a grain by Sally Cronin

I love writing Saturday Snippets as I can add music and hopefully interesting facts which connect to my chosen prompt of the week…This week my prompt was “Heart”…I truly didn’t know there were so many great songs about the “Heart”…However, I had my Roxette moment and hopefully, she now has a few more fans, of course, Ann Wilson the lead singer of the rock band Heart had to feature as well…her performance at the Kennedy Centre was stunning and an all-time favourite of mine…which meant this week it was Ann and Marie who brilliantly fitted into my theme…”Heart”

Saturday Snippets…19th March 2022…A friend is what the heart needs all the time. – Henry Van Dyke…

Thank you for joining me today for my weekly roundup as always I look forward to your comments…I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend…xx


CarolCooks2 in my kitchen…Chicken and Eggplant Stir Fry…


Welcome to my kitchen and another Chicken recipe…today I am using eggplants …Eggplants are something I have kilos of...I have shared as many as I can so we are eating eggplants raw and cooked with everything it was with spicy liver the other night and also with the stir-fried chicken or pork I cook with Thai Basil or Grapow… instead of beans I have been using eggplants…These small eggplants do not have the slimy feel some people find the large purple eggplant has…I much prefer these…if you can’t find the small eggplants then add mushrooms and or green beans instead…

Eggplants are very plentiful here at the moment even the lovely yellow heirloom ones…


  • 100 gm chicken breast or tenders thinly sliced
  • 6-8 Thai eggplants quartered.
  • 2-4 cloves of garlic
  • 1-5 Thai chillies
  • Krapow …A big bunch of Thai sweet basil leaves picked and as you can see from the photo I use quite a lot.
  • 1 tbsp Oyster sauce
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp black soy…be sparing with this as it’s more for colour and too much will make the dish salty.
  • A splash of cooking oil…I use Coconut oil.
  • A good shake of seasoning…not sure if you would get the one I use here but if not just a little pork/chicken seasoning salt.

Let’s Cook!

Peel the garlic and cut chillies finely at this point I put in a pestle and mortar as it brings out the flavour. If you don’t eat your food very hot like us then just cut chillies and garlic finely.

Add a splash of oil to a hot wok and add chillies and garlic cook stirring for 1 minute being careful the garlic doesn’t burn.

Add the eggplants and cook for 1-2 mins then add chicken and stirfry until the chicken is cooked for about 3-4 mins.

Add all sauces one at a time stirring in between and stir cooking for 1 minute…Taste… Add a little hot water if the sauce is too strong.

Lastly, stir in your herbs and allow to wilt slightly serve with rice and a fried egg if liked.

I have tried this with the herb grapow and Thai basil but any basil would suffice…just be aware it changes the flavour profile as they are all slightly different in taste.