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Smorgasbord Health Column 2022 – The Obesity epidemic – Where in the Lifestyle can we Intervene? 7 – 14 healthy diet for brain function and hormones by Sally Cronin

In part four of this series, Sally looks at how critical it is to get the diet right for the 7 – 14 age range for both boys and girls for their overall health and immune systems. Millions of children are getting packed lunches, and a  large percentage of those are sugar-laden and nutritionally deficient.

This week Sally shares the impact on a child’s body of a high sugar diet and lack of nutrition in relation to their brain development and hormone production as they head into puberty.

If you have children or grandchildren then this is a must-read article…most of us know that all these fruit sodas are loaded with sugar but do we know what the long-term impact can be on a child’s health?

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