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Smorgasbord Health Column 2023 – The Body our Greatest Asset – The Brain – Shopping list for the Brain and its support systems by Sally Cronin

Part four – Shopping list for the Brain and its support systems.

The first key element to eating for brain health is to omit industrially processed foods that contain harmful toxins and additives that have zero nutritional benefit and effectively ’empty’ calories. They might supply sugar and trans fats and look appetizing on a plate, but the brain will not recognize them as anything it can process. Processed foods Vs. Industrially manufactured foods

If you eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, some moderate whole grains, nuts and seeds, good quality meats and cold-water fish that have not been farmed, you are doing a great job.

Please if you are like me and are concerned about keeping your brain in tip-top condition as you age then please click the highlighted link below which will take you to Smorgasbord Magazine where Sally tells us about the foods we should be eating…Because my mother has Vascular Dementia I have subscribed to Alzheimer’s Research UK and they have stated that 40% of dementia cases could be due to factors we may be able to influence…That is quite high I think and worth taking action on…See you over at Smorgasbord Magazine x



Smorgasbord Health Column 2023 – The Body our Greatest Asset – The Brain – Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease by Sally Cronin

Without our brains we are nothing and sadly many more people are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia than ever…I know and I’m sure many of you do know how very distressing it is when a close family member or friend has this dreadful disease…

Sally who writes Smorgasbord Magazine is repeating her series on the brain and its functions…if you are like me and wish to give your selves the best chance of not developing these diseases then please head over to Smorgabord to read how we can help ourselves and give ourselves the best chance as we age of not developing this wicked life-changing disease…Please click the highlighted link below to read the original post…