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Healthy Eating …but who do we believe…Just Saying!

lady holding veggies

I try to eat healthy as much as I can…I  also like the occasional treat and why not???

I am careful about what I feed my family and my cooking methods and I do what I reasonably can… I check out things or products I am not sure of and make my own mind up as to whether I buy them or not.

I believe it is all about balance and not being fanatical as that just makes you miserable and laughter is good for you as well.

I know it is hard to check and there is a mine of information out there and some are very believable I will say…But I love digging and not just the garden and sometimes I get really frustrated and just save the links for another day when my brain is clearer…

What annoys me most and there is one in particular that when I see his name connected to a statement of supposedly valid, 100% true facts…I read, double-check and read again…I also came across and interestingly…and no I am not going to namedrop…I believe he has a regular tv show … But the other week I  was reading something which stated a fact and provided the name of the organisation which conducted the research… BUT… it wasn’t a clickable link..an error??? We all make those…Mmmm…

So  I copied and pasted the link…. yes there was a study and it totally contradicted the statement this doctor had made…

My conclusion was that he is very famous and a lot of people hang on to his every word and take it as gospel and wouldn’t click the link if they had been able to anyway…Total faith in his word.

Today I read a post that mentioned him, Two in fact …One interested me as it was the topic of a post I am currently writing… This is where the red mist took over… My husband always used to tell the kids it was “tin hat” time…lol

Real-life medical doctors have investigated claims made on this show and stated that not even half of the recommendations made were based on any proven evidence at all…Now that is scary..don’t you think????

Rant over ..normal service will resume with a smile with my next post and I promise I will research everything as much as I can but please..check for yourself…Promise me that… You owe it to yourself and your families…

Until next time…Stay safe, laugh a lot and ASK a question as always I look forward to your comments xx

Eat Smart, Eat Healthily…Live longer…


Welcome… This week will be slightly different I have not jumped on the scales but I am very pleased with my 12lbs that I mislaid…lol

However...Healthy eating should be the priority and the habit of a lifetime…No fads, no weighing every day or week and then beating yourself up because you haven’t lost anything.

It is about being aware of what you are eating and knowing if what you are eating is improving your health. It is not about removing whole food groups from our diets we need a healthy well-balanced diet to be at our optimum health.

What really matters is Our well being, Our Blood Pressure figure, Our cholesterol, Our blood sugar, Our inflammation markers.

Believe it or not thin people are NOT exempt from any of those … I know people who are as thin as thin and boast about how many doughnuts they eat in a day…

Does that mean because they are thin they do not have high Blood pressure or cholesterol or problems with their blood sugar?

NO, it damn well doesn’t!

Of course, you will probably lose weight if you improve your eating habits…That is a bonus and a great one…

BUT…the true tests for your health and wellness…

How many of these can you say a resounding yes to??

  1. I sleep better
  2. I can walk faster and further
  3. I can walk up and down the stairs without getting out of breath.
  4. I can play ball with my kids
  5. I have clearer brighter skin
  6. 1 have an increased sex drive
  7. I have less or no joint pain
  8. I have more money
  9. I feel less stressed
  10. I have more energy

These are all benefits of healthy eating… Your aim should be to feel better, to be able to play with your kids or grandkids any weight loss is a bonus.

But how do we feel when we try to cut out or down we feel yuk! But it is a habit and a dependency on Junk food… We are Junkies.

What is a junkie? A person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.

I am now going to talk about Junk Food. 

fast-food-154556_640 (1)

When you stop eating sugar-laden food or processed foods you will get withdrawal symptoms you may experience sadness, irritability, tiredness, cravings…

Similar feelings to what anyone who tries to give up cigarettes, alcohol or drugs…You will experience Sugar Withdrawal and the first few days are always the worst …

It will get better!

I haven’t eaten Haribos or digestive biscuits(graham crackers) to some of my readers since I began my healthy eating drive… I even walk down that aisle now and can stop, look and walk on… It was hard the other day as they had those bright red strawberries and I did pick up the pack AND put it back…but if you really want that packet of sweets then have it BUT don’t feel guilty and see if you can limit how much of the pack you do eat…share it! that’s a good idea it means you feel good and eat less of them…Try it!

I gave myself a pat on the back and thought about what I really fancied which would also be good for me…All the food which is good for our health is not tasteless like cardboard there are some really nice, tasty alternatives… There really are maybe try and make a list of what you really like and think about what you also like that you could replace it with…

Food should be enjoyable no one will stick to any eating plan if they don’t like what they eat… We are all different what I love you may not and vice versa…

We are in this together so let’s help each other out…

Interestingly I read the other day that after all these years Weight Watchers has changed its name to …WW

Wellness that Works!

Will this be a complete and utter overhaul?

My question is are they no longer having weekly weigh-ins? Will, there be no slimmer of the week, month, or year?

Will they be using BP and cholesterol as markers?

I will be watching with interest because Wellness is different from Weight Loss…

Have we got any WW here who would be able to explain that to us??? We would love to know…

I hope you have found this interesting and I love to read your comments…So please let us know what you find easy or difficult…

Lastly, are you keeping those food diaries? Does it help? Struggling?

Compare this picture and be honest what would you rather eat? This or the Junk food above I don’t mind if you say the junk food…But what do you want to enjoy that burger or can of coke or be healthy??? Even if you feel healthy and know you eat a lot of junk do me a favour and get yourself a health check sometimes we need that call…

pasta and pesto

Pasta and Pesto

Pasta cooks really quickly and pesto keeps in the fridge for up to a week.

A quick tip…To stop the basil from turning brown Blanche the leaves in some hot water and then into cold…

A quick pesto recipe:

To make the pesto, combine basil, garlic, pine nuts and Parmesan in the bowl of a food processor; season with salt and pepper, to taste. With the motor running, add olive oil in a slow stream until emulsified; set aside.

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

So take some rocket or other greens a few tomatoes and maybe a shallot finely chopped, top with some pasta and pour over some pesto…

Quick and easy and tasty.


Thank you for joining me today as always I look forward to your comments x

A busy week from Sally…Lots of music, books, guests and not forgetting the funnies…That parrot reminds me of our Percy…God bless him..Great advice from Sally regarding our health and diet…I have been inhaling and exhaling this week like a good girl…

Without any further ado head over to Sally’s …Enjoy!

via Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 17th – 23rd May 2020 – Rainbow Fairies, Sound of Music, Books, Guests and Funnies

Time for part 4 of Sally’s fabulous new series shopping by Nutrient…There are times in all of our lives when we may have been lacking in iron, Vit C anything and we may have been at a loss as to what we can eat instead of popping a pill…

Sally had done all the work for you, easy to read and all ingredients which most of us buy anyway…Do pop over and have read…


via Smorgasbord Health Column – Weekly Grocery Shopping List by Nutrient – Part Four – Phosphorus to Zinc

Healthy Eating…No More Diets…Obesity around the world… Canada.

No more (4)

Welcome back to Carol’s Bootcamp…I can’t think why I called it that as this is not about being on a diet but Healthy Eating and I know some people like structure but at some point you will either get fed up with the restrictions of the said diet and then pile the pounds back on or spend the rest of your life eating foods which you don’t really enjoy but they are supposed to be good for you… Well, to hell with all that!

Life is for living…Food is for enjoying…

So what I have decided to do is some comparisons …It started with a headline about obesity …Country by country and percentages and then I got to thinking about the difference in lifestyles and options or just what we have always eaten..But then those stats began to make sense to me…

Today I am looking at the eating habits of the Canadians who are numero 35 with a percentage of 28%.

If you wish to check your countries ranking then please Click Here

Canada is the second biggest country on earth however over 80% of the land is uninhabited and most Canadians live in one of the clusters of cities close to the US Border which gives rise to my picture of Canada of wild, landscapes and bison, reindeer, moose all living peacefully in their natural habitat.


I imagine all those beautiful healthy salmon and lobsters in my mind’s eye and have always thought that everyone lived in the great outdoors and were super healthy.

The reality is that Cancer and heart disease is the biggest killer … in Canada.

As Canada is so multinational they don’t really have a Canadian cuisine but more of a cuisine of cuisines which comes from the English, French and Scottish influences and there is also the influence of the Aborigines.

There are also the foods which are native to North America such as Squash, peppers, berries, wild rice, salmon and large claw lobsters all lovely foods and homemade jams and chutney are prevalent.

Metis stew did actually originate in Canada from the Aboriginal people and is eaten widely through the country and with such a harsh climate then stews and soups are certainly needed. Rubaboo is a Metis stew made with rabbit, chicken or sage hen and a wide variety of vegetables.

Maple syrup is synonymous with Canada and used instead of molasses in recipes. The maple syrup is also used to make snow taffy made by dropping maple syrup onto fresh snow and wrapping it around an ice lolly stick as it soft freezes or just cutting into soft taffy squares.

The average Canadians diet consists of processed grain and dairy products, farmed meats some fruits and vegetables also the high amounts of sugar, salts and processed foods means an unhealthy diet hence the biggest killers being Cancer and heart disease.

As in western cultures where breakfast and lunch are eaten on the go or skipped and with dinner being the main meal these habits all point to increasing obesity and preventable diseases which is a shame as with so much lovely produce available here it shouldn’t be the case.


Poutine is a good example of a very popular but unhealthy dish and is probably the most famous ” Canadian”‘ food which consists of french fries, gravy and lumps of white curd cheeses one of the foods which can be eaten on the go…

Exercise… it does seem that cycling and walking are seeing an increase although travelling by car is still very high but these quite recent increases show that in general, more people are looking at alternative ways to get around.

But overall although Canada has some of the cleanest air in the world their diets could be much healthier given the fresh produce they have available.

It seems that where cultures put much emphasis on sitting down eating as a family or with friends, taking time to eat they have the lower incidences of obesity and preventable diseases.

There is a lesson to be learnt here..methinks…

Before I go  I hope you have enjoyed the insight into how the Canadians eat and what they eat…

I have been shocked in more ways than one this week as to what is allowed online …I was browsing the internet as we do and came across what I thought were absolutely ludicrous claims …

Claims that doctors are speechless…Probably speechless at the mentality or desperation of people who want a quick fix …I mean a recipe which will help you lose ALL of your body fat in 3 Days!! It gets worse…. 8 lbs Body fat in 3 days, 11 lb in 2 days…Oh, My! 45 lbs in 3 weeks, 20 lbs in 2 weeks.

I would think now you are getting the picture and the most dangerous to my mind was the one which said you could lose 30 lbs of crap in one day…It pictured a lady on the throne …Please tell me no one in their right mind would take anything that was that powerful a laxative because that is what it is…

Does anyone seriously …read this crap and do/take it???

If anyone doesn’t get the meaning of a pink pig flying it is an English saying when we don’t believe something …Oh, Look! A pink pig just flew past!


Fads don’t work…Healthy Eating…No snacking every hour and exercise …THAT WORKS!

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