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Plastic…Part 3…Our actions…The Consequences…

Last week I looked at different countries pledges to combat plastic waste…How it seems some countries like France just announce an outright ban and other countries allow appeal upon appeal which all delay the action…Complacency and greed …

We need collective action by consumers as well and we all know how powerful a consumer can be…Don’t we?

Individual choices are important and if we all took that pledge and like France banned certain items /actions in our homes it would have an effect…

This report from the Guardian highlights some of the problems in the UK…Just multiply that by all the countries in the world…


We are at the crisis point WE the consumer have choices…I know you are all busy and have lives BUT sometimes we also have to make a stand…To stand up and be counted…Because if you think that your inaction doesn’t matter because everyone else is doing it…Try multiplying that thought by everyone else which is the same as yours…

Individual consumer choices are important as is collective action which can really make a difference.

I can hear you groaning…haha…Like my smartwatch which reads my actions…But consider this scenario…

In England alone, the government figures tell us that 4.6 bn plastic straws, 316 m plastic stirrers ( yep) those itsy little bits of plastic to stir your drink and 1.8 bn plastic stemmed cotton buds are used by us( YES) you/us are used each year…

3 things which we could all do that collectively which would make a huge difference…

  1. Check and buy only environmentally compostable cotton earbuds
  2. Drink stirrers…
  3. Straws…Come in paper, bamboo, stainless steel and glass

N.B. The links are Amazon I am not affiliated to Amazon I just used these links as an example…Locally to you should be easy to source…

But what a difference that would make…How easy is that to action???

Now for the good news stories...or is it?

a stack of paper cups

Compostable cup sales soar…

Rivers…They flow into the sea…Do you have a river near you? Is it clean are the fish abundant or is it like this?

Image by Rafael_Neddermeyer from Pixabay


Plastic bottles, the detritus of our throwaway water and soft drinks habits, are the most prevalent form of plastic pollution in European waterways, according to a new report.

Food wrappers, including crisp and sweet packets, were the second biggest form of plastic pollution in rivers, followed by cigarette butts. All of these forms of litter can cause problems for wildlife and fish and are hard to clean up once they have found their way into the water.


Glitter…“Some major supermarkets are moving to ban these harmful microplastics, but the British public is clear; supermarkets should be moving faster to tackle plastic waste.”

tubes of various glitters

The British government…Michael Gove, in particular, has been asked to move on this..Come on a 25-year plan is not good enough we want to see action now…If you live in the UK and feel the same please sign this petition…


Vanuatu...Has one of the worlds strictest plastic bans…

Vanuatu local band

Vanuatu is an island country located in the southern Pacific Ocean.

The official name of the country is the Republic of Vanuatu.

Its closest neighbours are New Caledonia (France), Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Tuvalu.

The country is located some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 miles) east of northern Australia.

Vanuatu has 3 official languages: Bislama, English and French.

A beautiful country with pristine beaches and they aim to keep it that way 

Every other country and government take note…However big or small you are an outright ban…WORKS…

Talking about baby steps and a small contributionAdele Marie said…I have another story for your Waste not Want not. My wife Becca has been taking wildflower seeds with her when walking our dog Dante and she has been spreading them over areas that are forgotten and never touched where the flowers hopefully, will grow and provide a haven for Bees, butterflies, and all manner of insects. xxx

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Image by n-k from Pixabay

I think that is an idea worth sharing …WELL DONE, Becca a lovely idea which I am sure all the bees and butterflies will be grateful for and so will the human population as without bees we all know the outcome… Thank you for sharing Adele xxx

Even though I bring you the harsh stark facts I love to bring the good news so please if you are still reading share wherever you can and think about those 3 small actions and how united we can make a difference…xxx

Thank you for reading xxx

green foot prints eco system

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