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CarolCooks2 weekly roundup… 26th -3rd July 2022-Monday Musings, Health, Food Review “Real food v Processed Food” and Saturday Snippets where “Glory” is my one word promp…

Welcome to my weekly roundup …July has arrived… July is the seventh month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and the fourth of seven months to have a length of 31 days. It was named by the Roman Senate in honour of Roman general Julius Caesar in 44 B.C., it being the month of his birth…July 3rd brings the start of the hot and sultry Dog Days of Summer! …Plus July 4th is Independence Day in the US…

July weather for some is mid-winter and if you are in the northern hemisphere it’s summer warm and rainy…The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer…

Let’s start the roundup with Monday Musings… 

Starting with the reminder that it’s Plastic Free July . Sign up here...but remember zero waste and plastic is an intention, not a hard and fast rule…if as an individual you eliminate all waste and plastic then that is great…Kudos to you…but if thousands do 20% better the impact on our planet is far greater so even buying loose vegetables to save on packaging or changing to loose leafed tea…its something a step forward…

We love Asian dumplings pot stickers, and gyoza but I have never made them…John Rieber has he took the plunge and they look delicious…please head over and follow the step-by-step instructions they look soooo good…

Monday Musings…27th June 2022…

Chicken is such a versatile protein and carries little apart from what we cook it in…it pairs well with most fruits and today I am sharing Chicken with Mango…an easy and delicious dish.

CarolCooks2 in my kitchen…Chicken with Mango…

My virtual tour of world cuisines stops in Denmark which is famed for the smørrebrød which is an open-faced sandwich that is simply a slice of rye bread with various combinations of toppings such as pickled herring, roast beef and eggs topped with mayo and shrimp…pickled herrings and meatballs are also a speciality to enjoy…

CarolCooks2…A-Z World Cuisines…Part 18…Denmark

Store cupboard Basics look at spices this week …spices are always a good addition to a dish and can elevate it to something very special…we all of course have our favourite and most used spices and they vary from household to household…


As Friday was the 1st of July I decided to have a look at the month ahead…I picked days, weeks, and months which are relevant to me and my blog as many are just plain stupid like national wriggle your toes day or pick your nose day, talk like Shakespeare day or lost sock day…they go on as anyone can suggest a day and they have…I hope some of my choices strike a chord for you…

CarolCooks2…Friday Food Reviews…The month ahead!


Saturday Snippets and my one-word prompt word today is “Glory”…there are pretty flowers and rousings tunes…and one of my favourite stir-fries…Stir-fried Morning Glory or Pad Pak Boon Fai Daeng is also known as water spinach…It is a very popular vegetable dish in Thailand and one I have for breakfast/brunch quite often with rice.
This is a very quick dish to cook once you have all your ingredients prepared..5 mins at the most.

Saturday Snippets…2nd July 2022…Today’s one-word prompt is “Glory”

Thank you for joining me today I hope those of you who are tennis fans are enjoying Wimbledon…as some of you know due to the flight fiasco I have extended my stay here by 4 weeks… last week I was visiting my mother in Derbyshire and at the moment I am in Cornwall where the weather is alternating between sunshine and showers we are staying on a lovely farm with my son and granddaughter…who has grown somewhat since I last saw her she is far taller than me and is now a fully qualified teacher …

Smorgasbord Health Column – Cook from Scratch to prevent nutritional deficiencies with Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Magnesium – Coleslaw, Pumpkin Seeds, Tom Yum Soup, Morning Glory

Welcome to the rewind of this series from 2019 where we look at cooking and your diet from a different perspective. Usually, we emphasize the health benefits of food and how they can be incorporated into your diet. But, what happens if you do NOT include them in your diet.

We wanted to share with you what happens if your body is deprived of individual nutrients over an extended period of time.

To read the original post with recipes please click the highlighted link below…



Saturday Snippets…9th January 2020…

Welcome to this weeks Saturday Snippets…in many ways my favourite post of the week as I can indulge my whimsy…Christmas and New Year are all now done and dusted…the tree and the decorations are all packed away until next year…

The healthy eating is..it is…starting slowly…I start the day with good intentions and then that dang Christmas cake calls me…saying eat me…it does it speaks to me…

This morning in my kitchen…

Morning Glory…which can mean many things to many people, in this case, it is a beautiful Water Spinach which I stir fry with garlic and chillies…

There is no second-guessing kids is there.?.. Our grandson Aston went to the local shop yesterday after school to get a treat for after his dinner…He came back with a big bunch of Morning Glory which is Thai water spinach which he had as an extra vegetable last night and requested it again today…who am I to argue with a kid who loves veggies over sweets…

morning glory fresh from the market

Stir-fried Morning Glory or Pad Pak Boon Fai Daeng is also known as water spinach…It is a very popular vegetable dish in Thailand and one I have for breakfast/brunch quite often with rice.
This is a very quick dish to cook once you have all your ingredients prepared..5 mins at the most.

  • 1 bunch of Morning Glory
  • 4-6 cloves of garlic
  • 3 or more Thai Chillies
  • 2 tbsp of Oyster Sauce
  • 1 tbsp of Soy Sauce
  • 1/2-1 tbsp of fermented soybean paste or oil with soya beans ( optional)
  • 1/2 to 1 tbsp of oil
  • Water if req

Let’s Cook!

Wash and cut your morning-glory into 4-6 inch pieces.
Bash the chillies and garlic in a pestle and mortar
Heat the oil in a pan until very hot.
Add the garlic and chillies and stir-fry ( stirring) for 15-20 seconds being careful not to let the garlic burn.

Stirfried Morning Glory
Add morning-glory and all other ingredients except for the vegetable stock.
Stir-fry for 40 seconds and add vegetable stock and stir-fry for another 10 seconds.

That’s it…Done!

Serve with steamed rice or as a side dish.

Tomorrow is Rod Stewarts Birthday he will be 76 years young…I have been a fan forever ever since those early days when he joined the Small Faces…Rod’s first single was “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”

Controversy has always lurked in the shadows of the Blues and this song courted more than most…originally recorded on 5 May 1937 at The Leland Hotel in Aurora, Illinois by the John Lee Williamson, the original “Sonny Boy”

It was Sonny Boy’s first recording session for Bluebird and he was accompanied by Big Joe Williams and Robert Lee McCoy on guitars. On this version, it was billed as ‘Good Morning, School Girl’, whereas later versions have tended to insert that word “little’ in the title to reflect the lyrics of Sonny Boy’s version.

Although I love Rod Stewart…This version is my favourite by Muddy Waters…


Conservation Corner:

Muddy Waters:   Clean drinking water should be a fundamental right …According to this damming report, it isn’t…I really cannot understand how man deliberately continues to pollute our beautiful world will there ever be the day when all this wanton pollution stops?

Muddy Waters: The Pollution Killing Kosovo’s Lakes and Rivers

Did you know?

1972…Rod Stewart’s 1st #1 hit (You Wear it Well)

Written by Rod Stewart and Martin Quittenton, performed by Stewart. It uses an arrangement markedly similar to that of “Maggie May”, one of Stewart’s hits from the previous year.

Did you know?

Back in January 1660…Samuel Pepys began his famous diary in which he chronicled life in London including the Great Plague of 1664-65 and the Great Fire of 1666.

All those years ago and what have we learnt? Health and safety and so much more was unknown back then but with the advances of science so much more is known now and yet the incidence of virus and cross-contamination seems to be on the increase with more predicted in the future.

Where will it end?

Weird Thai Fruit:

Called lamut khamen in Thai but actually, few Thais know it, and even fewer have tasted it. I suspect that the first tree grown in Thailand came from the seed of fruit taken from across the border in Cambodia, and the grower named it “lamut khamen” after the country or its people (khamen is the Thai word for Cambodian), as he did not know its proper name.

It’s commonly known also as eggfruit or Canistel fruit, because of its flesh that is bright egg yolk-yellow colour and when ripe, is smooth and custardy, similar to a hard-boiled yolk.

The sweet, mousse-like flesh of the canistel makes a great sugar substitute in many recipes.

The most popular way to use canistel is in an eggfruit nog: simply peel a ripe canistel fruit, remove the seeds and combine the flesh in a blender along with milk, sugar, a touch of vanilla extract, and a pinch of grated nutmeg. Blend until smooth.

Canistel also works great in custards, ice cream, spreads, pie fillings, and baked into bread, cakes, and pancakes. Or try it simply blended in with some almond milk, oat milk, or regular old milk for a satisfying smoothie. Lime and honey pair well with the soft notes of canistel, so add a touch according to your taste.

Canistel was also used in an incredible 71-ingredient cocktail to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow! Each ingredient was specially selected to represent each of the competing countries in the Games. 

In China, only about two per cent of the population observes Christmas as a religious holiday, although it is gaining in popularity as a commercial event. However, the main winter festival in China is the New Year celebration that occurs at the end of January. Recently, it’s become known as the Spring Festival and is a time of gift-giving and feasting. A key aspect of the Chinese New Year is ancestor worship, and paintings and portraits are brought out and honoured in the family’s home.

For the first time, Chinese New Year has been recognised as a national public holiday here in Thailand.

red lanterns Chinese New Year

Thailand is a traditional Chinese immigration country. Chinese account for about 12% of the country’s population. About 7 million Chinese live in Thailand, which is an important part of Thailand’s multiculturalism and ethnicity.

Each year in the Chinese calendar is represented by one of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac. 2021 will be the year of the Ox.

Here in Udon Thani where I live we have a big Chinese community..our neighbour’s are of Chinese Thai heritage…My grandson also learns Chinese as part of his school curriculum.

I love the Spring festival as it is very colourful and there is lots of lovely dim sum and other Chinese foods although I am not sure how the quarantine will affect the celebrations this year which are held on February 12th 2021.

As it is Rod’s birthday tomorrow I will finish will one of my favourite tracks …Enjoy!

Thank you for popping in today I hope you have enjoyed Saturday Snippets …as always I look forward to your comments as you all know I love to chat…Thanx Carol xx