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Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen. Mark Twain.

Wow…..Now, how true is that??????

I am coming up to my next ” Born Day

Maybe that’s why I  have ‘deliberated, cogitated and digested’ which was Loyd Grossman’s catchphrase and for reasons unknown to me just keep popping into my head.

I never have or will buy ready-made sauces……Come on..me?

Anyway….. My plan is going ok https://blondieaka.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/i-have-a-plan/...It’s nice to have a bit of focus…

Oh Yes!   I have also been busy on mytrendingstories.com/profile/carol-taylor/ which has not been and still isn’t easy……talk about well if I didn’t already have grey hairs….I would now! It is the most frustrating website ever…..Yes ever.!…but the stubborn streak in me just keeps going back and when I think yehhhhhh it’s sorted…It’s not!

But it would help build my profile if you lovely peeps would pop over..have a look..maybe subscribe to me?????…

So sort of my point is …Am I…A travel writer?


A food writer?

Batu and veggies

Just a rambling this is my life writer? Who am I?

This is definitely some sort of who am I crisis……. Is it an age thing?

In my head I am still 30 something…..as my “Born Day” approaches I am definitely NOT!

10638008_10152294106710848_1574414217_n  I now know polystyrene cool boxes are not for plonking your butt on….. The reverse ice challenge!

By now I hope you haven’t lost the will to live….. I hope you forgive my rambles….it’s that bl…….dy catchphrases fault…I was not even a fan and my all-time teeth grinding ..turn it off song…..Perfect Day!

Is there such a thing????????