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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – East meets West.

Noodles/pasta …Some lovely healthy chicken meatballs and a glorious Phad Thai…Both recipes made in my own kitchen and tested …Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

East meets west with Carol Taylor

I hope you are well on this Wednesday morning …Thank you for joining me @ Sally’s Blog Magazine…We are well and truly into our wet season now and everything is lush and green and yesterday I had a lovely walk in the rain…No I am not totally mad…Well I think that depends on whom you ask…ha-ha…

I am really trying hard…harder I should say to make my recipes equally tasty but healthier where I can…Although Pork is my favorite meat and is eaten a lot here as lamb is really not popular and beef is very expensive which means chicken, pork and fish are the favoured proteins here…I am trying use more chicken in my cooking than I normally do and pack it with flavor…

These chicken meatballs are packed with flavor with parmesan cheese and capers in the sauce…I have use milk instead…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Food Column with Carol Taylor – Favourite dishes of 2018

First post of 2019 on my Cookery Column over at Smorgasbord Magazine and some of my favourite dishes from 2018…I hope you enjoy 😉 xxx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Some of my favourite dishes – Carol Taylor

Wow…Another New Year has begun where does the time go? It does seem to be that the older I get the quicker the time flies…

For my first post of the year I thought I would share my favourite foods …

I love food…Good food, but my tastes have changed over the years, is that with age or location and availability of foods? Maybe, but here are a few favorites of mine…. recipes I make often, or if the family asks for…

This is a recipe that my daughter gave me along with a packet of Chia seeds as I couldn’t
always get them here. That has now changed due their growing popularity and they are sold everywhere here now.

Banana Smoothie

Bananas we have in spades as they grow in abundance here so my freezer always has frozen bananas ready to…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – #Thai #Noodles

This week it is oodles of Noodles….Want a cure for a hangover it’s all here 🙂 xxx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Last week I explored rice which is one of the staples in Thai cooking this week it is noodles which are also very much in the forefront of Thai Cuisine… Again noodles are sold everywhere both dried and fresh…

There are many types and thicknesses of noodles here made from wheat flour, mung bean, rice and or egg.

Egg noodlesmade with buck wheat and egg which gives them that yellow colour are generally used in soups or stir fries with chicken and herbs.

Quick to make it is a favourite in this house of hubby as he prefers food less spicy than me and the kids like it as it is mild flavoured but tasty and filling.

Glass Noodles as the name suggests look just like glass …made from mung beans they require no cooking just a quick soak in hot water to soften them before adding them to…

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