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Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.

Another day in the life of Saangchai…I do hope you enjoy and maybe you will consider getting a soi dog who needs a forever home? enjoy your Sunday

Retired? No one told me!

Day 6 of the life of a Soi Dog called Saang chai who is now our forever friend and companion.

Well the first few days were ok we were just doing a lot of sniffing around and getting to know every nook and cranny. It was strange as I had never lived in a house.I spent my first 4 months on the streets and the man who I belonged to said he would do something nasty to me if somone didn’t take me and my sister away……. so a nice lady took us to Soi Dogs who were very kind to us and we lived with other street puppies in a big run …….but they fed us, gave us injections and an operation..woof not sure about that…lots of people came to see us and my sister went with 1 of them which made me sad but…..then one day a boy and some grownups…

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Saang Chai……my life with humans!

Shooooosh..Hey I’m back..my mistress has gone to get a fresh Coconut drink and I thought I would sneak on…she has been working like a trojan on her book and a dog hasn’t had chance to get a word in…..I shadow her and zilch… but she’s been gone a while and I can hear her talking so if I type quick I can update you on my exploits…all good..woof!

We are moving soon and I am going on a plane not sure if I like that idea but spose it’s better than being in a truck or car for 18hours..that’s what mum says anyway and she knows best. I must have cage so she’s getting one from the vets this week to get me used to it..she doesn’t me to get scared..but I’m tough…wooof

We are getting a house…she said, with a garden that is walled in.. so Houdini can’t get out…I have never met this Houdini don’t know who they are, woof….

Our garden is big here with lots of trees and lots of places I can get out…..but I bring presents back……my mistress doesn’t like it though and my master went to see the man who keeps  putting presents out for me…he he …he has now put a cage round his black bags with such big gaps.. I can just walk straight in and get a bag…..my master is quite angry..but what’s a dog to do we all get the bags and love seeing what’s in them.


I was very sick the other week though and had to go to the vet…he gave me an injection and tablets and my mistress kept saying to me I was a silly boy and why did I eat things from these bags when she cooked me nice food…well she does…I get fresh cooked chicken and kidneys..all sorts and nice bones but I am a dog……woof



I don’t bark and growl at her friends anymore and then I get lots of pats so that’s good

Uh Oh…here she comes best go…until next time and I will tell you all about my plane ride…woof

Life of a Street Dog( Soi Dog) called Saang Chai.

Woof and lots of tail wagging because I now have my forever home.


I met my mistresses neighbours yesterday ..they asked..because I keep growling at her when she comes out to peg her washing on the line..woof..I don’t mean it I just don’t really trust anyone when I don’t know them because I have been kicked a few times…woof..and it hurts…….Now I have my forever home I know that they will not hurt me like that…woof

I did bark a little bit but my mistress was there and then the lady let me sniff her..she smelt ok…I don’t think she will hurt me so next time maybe I won’t bark so much.

They left me indoors last night on my own…. only for a little while…….it was quite dark and we had no lights  I heard them say it was a power cut again..so they went to get something to eat….it came on soon after they left but I couldn’t get a signal on my i-phone..woof..to let them know…woof

They left me my dinner and a bone so I chewed that for a while ..checked out the garden and came inside to wait……..When they came back I heard my little master telling my mistress I had chewed her furniture. she didn’t believe him …….they were laughing and trying to make her angry I think ..but I hadn’t… wasn’t I good?….I got lots of pats and good boys…woof……

Laters chat next week ..woof

Saang Chai ….my life with my humans!

Woof…..sorry everyone and Janet ( I know you missed me cos my mistress told me) but my mistress has been away on some Writers Retreat so I couldn’t write…she took her laptop with her and  left me with my big master and little master. She was away a long time and I really missed her because she is nice to me and when I am naughty she sticks up for me…….well…SAM_7054

I suppose I had better be truthful… when she was away I was really naughty……I chewed the new door..well ..can’t say I licked it any more can I and my master he smacked me very hard..with his flip-flop. I was quite miffed at that and when my little mistress come to play…I was so grumpy I growled at her…I know I shouldn’t…and I was sorry..but I got another smack….I couldn’t wait for my mistress to come home she is nice to me..well my master is really he just doesn’t let me get away with being naughty…woof

But he let me out in the big garden and  I was good I only dug a few holes woof ……..I can have more fun now because I can chase my little master when he on his bike and we do have fun.

My big master is ok really he always shares his toast with me in the mornings.

But now my mistress is back I get lots of cuddles and treats and I can sleep in her study while she writes which is nice…cos she has the aircon on and it’s lovely and cool.

When she came back she took me to the vets to get my claws clipped and she bought me a new lead…a nice blue one with pictures on it….because well.. while she away …Because I am much bigger now I can reach it …. I chewed the clip of the end so it won’t go on my harness anymore when I go for walks… so I suppose I was quite naughty while she was away…woof…they haven’t noticed the wall yet or if they have they haven’t said…so don’t tell on me will you?

Maybe she will take me with her next time…What do you think?

Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole. Week 10 on Life with Saang Chai.

Wooof……shhhhhhhhhhh…….my mistress doesn’t know I am writing this…she thinks it will be blog overload 3 in one day woof….

Not my best week..they went out and left me…woof…I had water, food, toys and a fresh bone and what did I do…….my master said I should get a hard smack…my mistress said” Oh Saang Chai you are naughty” and that was it…..phewwwwww that was lucky…….now I bet you want to know what I did don’t you???????  I was just licking it..you do believe me don’t you????

Ta Da……….12088041_10207950823665416_5063363371137035323_n  Laters ……… I will say though I did it for my mistress and now she has a new door…wooof