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Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – “I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.” by Eleanor Roosevelt. From Carol Taylor

Thank you Sally for showcasing another of my archived blogs you are a star ❤

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I am now looking for archive posts for the festiveseason.. short stories fiction and non-fiction, food and recipes, humour, memorable Christmas’s etc.  Please send one or two posts to sally.cronin@moyhill.com.. I will be resuming the regular archive series in the New Year.  Thanks Sally.

Today Carol shares a post from 2015 that explores the choices we make and where they might lead us.. In Carol’s case to Phuket, sunshine and a contributor to a short story anthology…

“I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.” by Eleanor Roosevelt. From Carol Taylor

Are we all happy with that?

I am, because if I hadn’t retired to Phuket I most certainly would not be blogging, I would not be warm( it’s so hot and sunny here), I would not be making my own ham and bacon, I would not be a published author the list is…

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Quote Challenge – Day3: Tribute to Adi Da

My pixie friend always succeeds in making me think…I love her posts always a little controversial but well written and thought provoking and I like posts which when they aren’t recipes stretch the grey matter. I hope you enjoy the read 🙂

Save the best for last! Oh, of course, you know I would do just that. Why not, coconut? We want to really taste in our mouth all the pleasure we could get from that one last bite and so, we always save the best part of anything for last. That makes me wonder if it was Eve or Adam who took the last bite. Damn ancestors! Now, we are all suffering from their “original sin”. I mean, you know, they could have, at least, have had the goddamn maturity and common sense to consider the consequences of their action before taking that bite. Hey, there were oranges and pears and papaya in that paradise too…why do they have to mess with the apples?!?

Ooopppsssss…no, Adam and Eve are not my topic. Pardon, I am an old pixie and having trouble with the onset of dementia.

What I meant to…

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Quote Challenge – Day One

Thank you, Lisa, for taking up my challenge you are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others for your indomitable spirit…We could all learn so much from you…She is great lady folks but loathe to share her ice cream…lol

Lisa's " I have too much time on my hands" Site

My quote for day one is perfect considering my health condition and my constant fight to live my life to the fullest. I will admit that while I could recite most of the poem, I had to look up who wrote it! My endless amount of useless knowledge apparently does not extend to names – because then it would be useful right?! lol

Anyhoo, on to the quote…

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas

I am honoured to have been nominated for this challenge by my new friend and fellow blogger Carol! This amazing and witty woman has two blogs, which I will provide a link to later (because I don’t know how now lol). Her first one brings recipes, trivia about ingredients and  tales about her life…

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Quote Challenge – Day2: Om Mani Padme Hum…I Know Nothing

Kick ass with sass……This lady cracks me up…A pixie she definitely is and she makes me laugh…Always 🙂

Quote_Challenge5“I KNOW NOTHING…” Oh, for millennials, this utterance is reminiscent of Jon Snow or maybe the love of his life, Ygritte, in George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones”. Any fan out there? Raise your hand! I, myself, read all five books (and currently, waiting for the 6th) – but no, I did not watch any of it. I am one of those few who rolled their eyes when the stories are modified for screenplay. It is, as far as I am concerned, a great injustice. Nonetheless, it has a very good plot except for the fact that my small brain cannot comprehend why the author had to kill so many people and infused it with “red-hot” scenes. In my mind, a great plot does not need distraction!

Oh, well! Back to Quote Challenge…so, Carol Taylor’s Day 2 was about “Age and glasses of wine…

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Quotes Challenge…Day 3…Oh dear!

Many thanks to Sally for nominating me for this 3-day challenge…Once she reads this she will probably think I am the nutty one and never challenge me again…

You can find Sally( S) stands for Sane One here https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/?s=quote+challenge+day+2

Oh! Just realised Carol( C ) stands for crazy one! What can say..please read on….

Where was I ???

Oh yes…..3 days is quite ample for me and also picking 3 people ..some of these challenges want not just blood and tears but the whole caboodle… I mean 15 people…and 20 questions ..Do that and you qualify for mastermind….

Just 3 days is cool……

For the last day I am not picking anyone.. if you want to do it…pick up the gauntlet …as Nike says,  Just do it!

My final quote ….Well, it was going to be….

Why didn’t Noah SWAT those mosquitos?…Anonymous…



But…Mosquitoes are needed by birds, frogs, dragonflies and various other insect-eating creatures i.e Bats. Without them, the bases of many different food chains would collapse or have a severe shift… Drat!


Back up my hard drive? How do I put it into reverse? #sayquotable

questions-1922476_1920 (2)

Much too technical for Moi…


So I decided on a nice one..not quirky..just nice…

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ” I’m possible!………Audrey Hepburn.

That’s true, so chins up and onward we go! And my what I never thought I would do was??????

With the help of a Mojito or 2…… absolutely out of my comfort zone and…….

Amazing ! What Fun!

I went to Improv which is a form of live theatre and it was brilliant..I recommend anyone to try it…Had one amazing time ..still buzzing..and if you don’t know what it is…

It’s short sketches e.g someone picks a page number in a book.You pick the part you are playing. One person says a sentence anything whatever they are thinking and you reply exactly what is written down( but they don’t know what your script is they are just doing their own impromptu of the top of THEIR head ..get it? such fun….

Wow, what a night.


If you had been a fly on the wall you would have seen Moi..like you had never seen me before…..I didn’t know anyone just the person I had gone with which was just as well…lol

I think I deserved an Oscar for those performances!

When all I probably needed was a doctor???????

I really am quite sane…I am…

If you dare to venture over to my new blog it is quite calm, peaceful a haven of tranquillity…..Please do I need some followers and shares whatever really as a new blog…



Until next time…If they let me out….Anyone have another challenge for me??? I thought not…..he he

Love you all xx

Quote, Challenge Day Two….Age …Doc A, Lisasworld and a girl who would be a Pixie.


Age and glasses of wine should never be counted!

Anthony Capella …The food of love…

My quote for Day 2….Many thanks for Sally for nominating me for this challenge….

Sally’s quote for Day One.


It is a challenge because there are so many quotes which I love….Some funny, some with meaning and quite profound, some just…some???

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food….WC Fields….. Many of my favourite quotes are around my favourite pastimes and as you know eating ( and) cooking are just two of them….lol

It is also customary to nominate three other bloggers to pick up the challenge.. knowing how busy you are I will not be offended if you cannot participate but it is an excuse to give your latest post a plug anyway.

So many people who I admire greatly have already been nominated or are always nominated and worthy nominees….You may not know who I nominate but I do so because I admire them. I love their food/recipes, they make me laugh or they are just so brave …..

My first is a lady whom I have the utmost admiration for and if you read her posts you will see why….She has an inner strength and is definitely one hell of a lady and ….just awesome…

I give you Lisa… who in her own words is just a women living with ALS…



Secondly, I nominate Scott affectionately known as Doc he is one of my biggest fans loves my posts and cooking and gives some of the best comments…. But he knows stuff…Things I don’t…Well…Come on…I cook!….Not techie( shhhh) ..well I am NOT!

So come on Doc..give me your favourite quote…Surprise me!


Last but certainly not least….Ta da… Marisselee who feels that in every girl, there is a spirit a wild pixie….


Well, that is my three nominees for today….. Please head over and read their posts they are such lovely people…



I love this photo it gives me a sense of peace and tranquillity…

Until next time..much love and hugs xx

Quote, Challenge Day Two –

My thanks to Sally for nominating me for this challenge… I do love a good quote and when I first started blogging I always used a quote as my title and this always prompted the words to spill forth and was the subject of my post…My brain is wired so that if you give me a word, a photo, a sentence any little prompt although I can’t guarantee that the story won’t be off the wall as my brain works in mysterious ways… Is that normal for a writer?

Although I will say ( before) anyone else does that ” normal” is not a descriptor which is ever applied to Moi…

Sally’s quote for Day One.


Does that mean my day one starts here so I have to pick 3…and there was me thinking I was going to get away with two….

I love Maya Angelou and Eleanor Roosevelt they were both amazing ladies and have many quotes and most quite brilliant….

So many quotes to choose from I tend to like quirky quotes and this one always makes me smile… Author unknown…I always wonder at that… Why?

The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom! Anonymous…

..and is that just the truth?  Your mobile goes or someone has something so urgent that they talk through the door at you…..

How often has that happened to you? More times than I can count..I tell you…


It is also customary to nominate three other bloggers to pick up the challenge.. knowing how busy you are I will not be offended if you cannot participate but it is an excuse to give your latest post a plug anyway.

Firstly my friend SC Richmond 

At the moment she has a very good offer for you…. All three of her books at a very special price…

meet-alex-price SC Richmond

https://scrichmondblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/a-very-special-offer-Photo…meet alex price

Well worth it I have read her first two books and they are awesome and I can’t wait to read the third…. we are also sort of co-writing …The Charade…. I know Steph has been busy writing and I have been busy but I love that storyline and so want to know the ending… Maybe I will write another chapter very soon?

Secondly,  A man who always is kind, polite and helpful and shares all of our posts …A true gentleman…..https://themilitantnegro.com/ 

Lastly, Sugar bundle Betty who can be found here....https://sugarbundlebetty.com/

A lovely lady who when I asked a question on one of her recipes went over and above to help me….. She really did and it was very much appreciated  …

I am always amazed and I don’t know why I am but bloggers are some of the nicest, kindest people on this earth…You should all give yourself a pat on the back because you are truly wonderful.

Thank you to Sally for nominating me…..  My second quote will be tomorrow…

Sally is a lovely lady who is among the most generous of bloggers who shares and promotes many other authors and bloggers most generously including Moi and for that, I truly thank her….

If you enjoyed this little post I can also now be found over on my new blog….Yes..my first foray into self-hosting…I wonder if there are any quotes on that??? Maybe not printable though…Haha

Please pop over and say hello and let me know what you think…

Logo for new site


It will contain travel, recipes, traditions and lots more….

Until tomorrow….Stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot…