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Latest recycling and environmental news…23rd September 2019

Good morning…I hope you all had a glorious weekend…Let’s look at what has been going on in this everchanging world of Climate Change??? There is always news every day now but I do wonder how much is really true and how much is scaremongering…Am I the only one?

Lots of protests the school children and their supporters were out in force last week all around the world…It is lovely to see such passion…Young Greta in many ways is to be admired for taking a stand…


Do the majority of these kids really take a look at their own pampered lives…AND HOW THEY CAN CHANGE?

For example, many children here want air-conditioning in their classrooms…In fact, in some schools, there is a very distinct class line depending on which programme parents/children choose and pay for…air con will be in every classroom for the better off the other children open the windows and may get a fan …This is a quite recent generational thing and growing…You get what you pay for…

Something which was a luxury is now becoming a necessity…Note: I have aircon(pre ) installed in the house we do not use it…we use fans to cool the air…Just saying x

School classes...Many lessons are now computerised and hands up…How many TV’s do you have in your house and do all your kids insist on a TV in their bedroom??? Personally, I have been a wicked parent and we have never allowed or had TV’s in bedrooms and still, don’t… we have one TV situated in the lounge… devices are all well and good but no one needs every single new device which comes out on the market…

It is also how you dispose of those devices when broken or unwanted…Don’t just throw them in the general trash…

Greta was very admirable taking a boat instead of flying around the world…Not practical in every situation but we should all consider alternative means of transport where possible…

However...How many of these striking children arrive at school in private cars which worsen rush hour traffic instead of walking, taking the bus or riding a bike????

Trendy Teenagers… Are the biggest consumers of manufactured goods ever and update perfectly good expensive luxury items to stay trendy, their entertainment comes from electric devices.

I hope all these striking and protesting teenagers are looking at their own lifestyles.

I hope…When they are in school or continuing with their day to day activities that they consider this…Will they be changing their lifestyles like they want us to? Are they considering what their constant use of electronic devices does to the environment or are they only intent on joining the masses …
Will they…

  • Walk, ride a bike or take a bus to school
  • Tell the teachers to turn off the aircon
  • Make a sandwich instead of buying fast food
  • Turn off your device and read a book

Will all you prince and princesses who have been brought up to be selfish and are pandered by adults who pamper their kids because they have a need to show the world how much they have and that they love their kids… Look at their own lives instead of telling the world to look at ours…

Have you done your own research to ascertain the facts or are you just blindly following others?
Who are the people behind your protests are you a means to their ends? Once they have done with you …Will you be able to continue your lives…unscathed?

These are all questions going through my head…Does anyone else have the same questions? Is it just me?

What I do admire is those two little girls who took their concerns to both McDonald’s and Burger King…They were undeterred by the lack of initial response from these two companies and persisted in collecting their signatures…Writing their letters…They enabled the help of Anita and Hugh…


Burger King is removing all plastic toys from their children’s meals…Way to go Burger King and… Well done Emma and Kaitlin…

They have achieved this by quietly writing their letters ( after school) Collecting their signatures and unwanted plastic toys….What a result…Love it!

It’s the little people who get great results by quietly doing their thing…

This next horror story because it is… came through my friend Pat…She lives in a beautiful part of Australia and is gradually seeing her world destroyed by bad, greedy government decisions…I made a promise to highlight this for her…

This is apparently now reached crisis point…People cannot even clean their teeth…They have 2 dams and one is completely dry the other is at 8% capapcity almost dry…The water is still being diverted or illegally stolen…The Murray Darling River is running dry..

Life expectancy if you live in this area is 37 years for men and 42 years for women…Yet corruption continues to be sanctioned by successive governments…

When will man stop and realise what damage they are doing to both the planet and its inhabitants????

green foot prints eco system


That is all from me for this week I look forward to your comments…How are you reducing your families carbon footprints?

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