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Smorgasbord Health Column – The Gentle Detox – Part Two – Eat food your body recognises…and can work with! by Sally Cronin

Part Two of the Gentle detox…This post contains everything you need to know and buy and what not to buy and importantly why not! We only have one body and we need to look after it…We need to give it a chance to run properly and efficiently…No one likes a car which doesn’t run properly so liken yourself to a car it needs some attention and a yearly Mot…Me, I would rather be an Aston Martin if we are talking cars NOT a Rolls Can hardly as the saying goes….

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Part one of the Detox can be found here: https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2019/01/03/smorgasbord-health-column-the-gentle-detox-introduction-and-phase-one-before-you-begin-your-weight-loss-programme/

The Gentle Detox – Part Two – Eat food your body recognises…and can work with!

In my previous posts you will often find me having a poke at the diet food industry – well actually more than a poke. There are certain products that are health related that I do not have a problem with, but I don’t have much time with slimming bars and shakes. I do not care how many nutrients they say are in them, they are not in the form that the body understands or wishes to. We are designed to take our nutrients from natural foods.

I do agree to an extent that what we assume is a nutrient packed vegetable or fruit is not as nutritionally dense as it used to be. Farming methods have changed in the last 50 years or…

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