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Smorgasbord Health – Christmas Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor – The Amazing Apricot

Ahhhh… Apricots truly one of my very favourite little fruits and it lends itself very well to stuffings, glazes and much more and the health benefits of including this little golden orb into your is diet are quite immense an easy and lovely way to top up those iron levels and that is just one benefit ….Enjoy your journey through our post x

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Welcome to this week’s post on the wonderful foods available to us that are not only nutrient packed but also delicious when handed over to Carol Taylor to prepare.  This week the little yellow fruit that has an interesting history and next time you are going to a wedding take a bag with you!

Dried apricots are in season all year around and as you will read in Carol’s part of the post they are important nutritionally too. Since we are now in the run up to Christmas, Carol will also be adding in some suggestions of how to add apricots into your festive cooking.

More about the apricot

The apricot season opens at the beginning of May and goes through to the end of August or early September, which gives us five months to enjoy this highly nutritious and healing food.   This week some friends of us dropped around…

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✨ Shining the Light on Author, Sally Cronin! ✨ #IARTG @sgc58

A very well deserved post on a lovely lady and author who unfailingly goes over and above in her promotion of other authors and bloggers….I give you our Sally a lady who certainly rocks and I would be happy to have her sitting at my kitchen table xxx

Yesterday I was overjoyed and humbled to have my work and my passion featured on Sally Cronin’s website under her daily post “Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews.”

Sally graciously shared my book of poetry The Heart’s Lullaby along with a few lovely reviews and links to my social media profiles. I was also delighted to see my work featured alongside fellow authors, Christoph Fischer and Shehanne Moore.

Sally is an accomplished author and one of the most generous and kind souls I’ve had the privilege to connect with. I encourage all readers and authors to visit her website, as you’ll quickly see just how amazing and incredibly supportive she is.

As a writer, Sally knows how important it is to have help in marketing books. In her own words, “As important as my own promotion is, I believe it is important to support others.” She offers a number of…

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Smorgasbord Weekly Round up – Sir Tom Jones, King Arthur and other VIPs..

Once again a brilliant lineup from Sally and Debby’s post is definitely worth a read and who can resist Ollie he is so cute and thank you to everyone who liked and shared mine and Sally’s collaboration and who liked my top two on my bucket list and if you haven’t read it then why not??? Me..I most certainly wouldn’t kick Sir Tom out of the other side…Would you???

Cooking from Scratch 2017- Guest post invitation to those who love to cook Fresh Food.

A great opportunity for all you cooks out there..You must have some wonderful recipes you would love to share particularly gluten free ones or reduced sugar recipes…If you have please contact Sally details are on this post 🙂

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Recently you might have seen a series of posts from Carol Taylor and myself on foods, their health benefits and some recipes to encourage us to include in our daily diet.


Over the last four years I have enjoyed sharing your recipes that are Cooked From Scratch and I would love to share more of them.

Thanksgiving is coming up on November 23rd so it would be great to start getting recipes for that celebration and for the lead up to Christmas.

I would like to stay within the health area and invite those of you with favourite recipes that are cooked from scratch (no processed sauces etc) to guest post.  Old family favourites and new finds.  They do not have to be for specialised diets as long as they combine fresh food of all types. I am particularly keen on promoting recipes that will suit people on reduced…

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