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Another super week from Sally over @ Smorgasbord Magazine where she tirelessly promotes authors and bloggers. For me, Sally is a star she has shown me support by letting me share her posts by providing recipes and giving me free rein on a Cookery Column and now she is repeating my A-Z to keep me in the loop while I spend time writing…What a star…

Thank you, Sally…Hugs xxxx

Please pop over and have a read it really is a Smorgasbord of goodies…xx


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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – #Horseradish

It is cookery column time yet again @ Sally’s I hope you enjoy the lovely horseradish and the recipes…Have a lovely day xx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to Wednesdays Cookery column on Smorgasbord and thank you for all your kind comments on Peppercorns I am now trying to get hold of the Tasmanian peppercorn called Pepper berries which are said to be 10 times hotter than the black peppercorn…I saw these last week on MKR which I love watching… anyway I waffle and this week I am showcasing the Horseradish root which I love and also which I can get here…Happy Days!

The horseradish is one of my favourites it goes with so much and really elevates the flavour and although I don’t eat very much beef at all…Beef and horseradish are one of my favourite combinations.

The horseradish is part of the brassicaceae family alongside wasabi, broccoli, mustard and cabbages. Closer to wasabi and mustard when the horseradish root is sliced the enzymes which are released when the plant cells break down produce sinigrin which…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s Food Column – Vinegar – Home Cooked Fish and Chips and strawberries

Vinegar is the subject of my post this week and something which can elevate a dish from ordinary to extraordinary…A product I use in many ways at home 🙂 Enjoy!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Who doesn’t use vinegar in their kitchen and in cooking?

I use vinegar for many things and there are many different vinegars available to buy…When I was shopping last week for vinegar at my local shop I was looking at the few different types they had …all white vinegar or rice vinegar as it is a very local shop and typically Thai so if I want Balsamic vinegar or Apple cider vinegar then I have to find a shop which imports these or buy them on-line.

Most of the labels here are in Thai with a few English words on some labels so the words artificial vinegar stood out like a sore thumb and most of you know me by now and needless to say I bypassed that one… But it set me thinking…Dangerous I know ha-ha

This is what I discovered:-

“Artificial vinegar” is acetic acid that is made…

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Retired no one told me! Weekly roundup…Recipes, ranting and back door trots…

What a week this has been... Have I got the mother of all roundups for you just in case you missed any of my posts…

I started with my recipe for Asian style ribs... And guess what the first time we made them they were awesome but I was the sous chef on that occasion and not paying too much attention…..I was chopping and julienning the ginger and writing down the recipe while taking photos…One’s son was cooking the said ribs… They were AWESOME THE BEST!

Take 2!


Mum pulled up the recipe and we started preparing the ribs…

There then ensued a conversation as to which soy sauce was used… I had written the recipe down WRONG ….who would think one word would make a difference…Oh, it did! Trust me…. Black Soy…Black Soy Black Soy…I will not be forgetting that!

I have also amended the recipe and apologise to anyone who used just regular soy…


I think this was my rant of the week/century I was/ am appalled at the duplicity of manufacturers regarding the consumer’s health.

Plastics the truth…



Next another of my favourites Gumbo…



Fruity Fridays!


The turn of the Fig…not particularly the prettiest of fruits but very good for you and lovely with bacon but so is everything…Too many and you get the back door trots…but just enough and they keep you regular…


I then thought this post needed another airing …Turmeric



Phew…I didn’t realise I wrote so much in a week…

Healthy Eating… A cause dear to my heart… no diets, no counting calories, no feeling guilty…Just a good balanced diet and moderation coupled with your chosen exercises…AND




My Wednesday cookery column over at Sally’s was HOT!


Next is the very tasty, healthy alternative to rice… Tada…Cauliflower rice…Now just in case you were wondering and thought I was teasing you by showing the Pork and Thai basil dish I ate mine with…so I have added the link for you…



I hope you have enjoyed this roundup and to ensure you don’t miss any more of my posts please subscribe to my blog…

If you really want to see even more from me???? There are many strings to my bow…If you still want to find out more…

I am a crazy English lady with a quirky sense of humour…  I look forward to meeting you x

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine -Weekly Round Up – Dionne Warwick, Thomas Crapper and Pumpkin Seeds

Another brilliant roundup..What a week and some amazing posts and reviews…Thank you, Sally, for your unfailing promotion of us all xxx

Smorgasbord Media Training For Authors – Advertising – Gather around the right Waterholes.

A great marketing post from Sally who just inspires me to be better at what I do..she has the biggest heart and definitely knows her business and is always happy to share it with us all…Thank you, Sally xxx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I am continuing the series on media training and marketing for authors which is adapted from my media training course for small businesses and charities. Authors are small businesses with a product that needs marketing to obtain sales. Once you start thinking of yourself as a business it tends to focus your mind differently.

Gathering at the right waterholes.

Have you ever been to one of those parties where it appears that everyone is speaking a foreign language or where everyone is talking about something that is completely unknown to you? I have. When my husband was offered his job in Spain, he went ahead for the first three or so years, and I would go over every six weeks for five days. His company directors generously took us out to the Madrid hotspots in the first few visits, and in those days I didn’t understand a word of Spanish…

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