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Plastic…The Latest News…Week 8…Our actions…The Consequences…


Individual choices are important and if we all took a pledge to make a difference…it would as collectively we have the power…Consumer Power can be very powerful…

We are at the crisis point WE the consumer have choices...I know you are all busy and have lives BUT sometimes we also have to make a stand…To stand up and be counted…Because if you think that your inaction doesn’t matter because everyone else is doing it…Try multiplying that thought by everyone else who has the same thought as yours…

Individual consumer choices are important as is collective action which can really make a difference.

I can hear you groaning…haha…Like my smartwatch which reads my actions…But consider this scenario…

In England alone, the government figures tell us that 4.6 bn plastic straws, 316 m plastic stirrers ( yep) those itsy little bits of plastic to stir your drink and 1.8 bn plastic-stemmed cotton buds are used by us( YES) you/us are used each year…The government and the Queen have now announced an outright ban…

3 things that we could all do collectively which would make a huge difference…

  1. Check and buy only environmentally compostable cotton earbuds…
  2. Drink stirrers…
  3. Straws...Come in paper, bamboo, stainless steel and glass

N.B. The links are Amazon I am not affiliated to Amazon I just used these links as an example…These items should now be available locally to you and should be easy to source…

But what a difference that would make…How easy is that to action???

Now for the good news stories...or is it?

a stack of paper cups

Compostable cups… are they really recyclable? …Ummmmm well Biodegradable and compostable are actually 2 different things…sigh

1. A substance or object capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms

1. Something that can be used as compost when it decays.

This means that biodegradable items can break down within the environment with the help of bacteria or other living organisms. But this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for the planet. For example, some plastic bags can biodegrade into tiny pieces in around 20 years but they are still harmful to the environment.

However, if something is compostable, it means it is made of organic matter and it can completely break down to make nutrient-rich compost.

The Solution:

Stop using single-use items and choose reusable alternatives. There are so many reusable coffee cups and straws available now. Lots of coffee shops give you a discount when you take your own cup in too! Why not put a set of cutlery in your bag so you can say no to single-use forks/spoons?

I know it means making changes however step up and be counted we all need to do this…

Rivers…They flow into the sea...Do you have a river near you? Is it clean are the fish abundant or is it like this?

Image by Rafael_Neddermeyer from Pixabay

It may be like this as not everything reaches the sea much drops off on the way…SEE THE ABOVE REPORT.

Plastic bottles, the detritus of our throwaway water and soft drinks habits, are the most prevalent form of plastic pollution in European waterways, according to reports and particularly worse due to covid.

Food wrappers, including crisp and sweet packets, were the second biggest form of plastic pollution in rivers, followed by cigarette butts.

All of these forms of litter can cause problems for wildlife and fish and are hard to clean up once they have found their way into the water.

Glitter…“Some major supermarkets are moving to ban these harmful microplastics, but the British public is clear; supermarkets should be moving faster to tackle plastic waste.”

Vanuatu...Has one of the worlds strictest plastic bans…

Vanuatu local band

Vanuatu is an island country located in the southern Pacific Ocean.

The official name of the country is the Republic of Vanuatu.

Its closest neighbours are New Caledonia (France), Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Tuvalu.

The country is located some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 miles) east of northern Australia.

Vanuatu has 3 official languages: Bislama, English and French.

A beautiful country with pristine beaches and they aim to keep it that way 

The above link is a lovely read as to what can be achieved…it also includes damming info on how far behind the USA are on this…I always thought and looked up to the USA as they have led the world in many areas SADLY…Not by tackling Climate Change and waste…

Every other country and government take note…However big or small you are an outright ban…WORKS…

Another brilliant idea…I have just received my weekly “Meatless Monday email and this week the topic is “Fight Climate Change with your Fork

Lots of great info on how to do just that..some of which I already know and I’m sure you do but there are also some other great ideas please over and have a read…

Even though I bring you the harsh stark facts  think about those 3 small actions and how united we can make a difference…xxx

Thank you once again for reading this post I hope you all have a great week xx