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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Carol Taylor’s – Culinary A – Z Rewind – ‘O’ for Oats, Offal, Octopus, Oranges and Oysters.

Welcome to a repeat of the series from my very first the wonderful Culinary A – Z and a reminder, not only of the amazing variety of food we have available to us today from around the world, but delicious recipes to showcase them.

My thanks go to Sally from Smorgasbord Magazine who is repeating this series…Sally is a star for all the wonderful work she does in promoting blogs and writers to read the original post please click the highlighted link below and it will take to Smorghasbord where you will get a warm welcome from both me and Sally,,, See you there xx


Smorgasbord Health Column – Food Therapy Rewind – The pungent defenders Onions and Garlic by Sally Cronin


There are certain foods that bring more than taste to your diet, rich in nutrients and energy they are worth including in your weekly shopping.

Food therapy is a broad term for the benefits to the body of a healthy, varied and nutritional diet of fresh foods.

Most of us walk through the fresh produce departments of our supermarkets without really paying much attention to the individual fruits and vegetables. This is a great pity because the vast majority of these foods have been cultivated for thousands of years, not only for their nutritional value but also for their medicinal properties. If you eat a healthy diet you are effectively practising preventative medicine. A robust immune system, not only attacks external opportunistic pathogens but also works to prevent rogue cells in the body from developing into serious diseases.

The pungent defender’s Onions and Garlic.

Onions garlic red onions brown onions

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