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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – How to Cook the Perfect Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast…There are those who cook a great one and there are those whom just the thought strikes fear into their heart…Never fear…CarolCooks2 and a roast dinner…haha…Come with me and all will be revealed…

Perfect Pork Crackling …

How To Make Crispy Pork Crackling

Nothing is better than perfectly crisp Pork Crackling.
How to achieve it, well,

It’s easy! When you know how!

I have lost count of the number of times that I have been screaming at the screen when watching my favourite cooking programs…Turn it up and leave the door shut…

When you buy your Pork look for pork which has a layer of fat underneath the skin (this) produces the best crackling.

It has to be thinly scored, for this, I actually use a Stanley Knife and woe betide anyone who uses it for D.I.Y.

The piece of Pork I have pictured is a piece of Belly Pork approx 2 kilos which I scored and rolled.

Pork loin scored and ready to cook
Right, let’s go, Heat oven and set to 250C.
Next, take a small amount of oil and rub into the skin.
Then generously salt the skin making sure you rub it well into the fat.
( The specs) you notice on mine is sage as we like added herbs on ours.
But just salt is fine.
Put in a very hot oven until skin starts to blister up.
If you tap with a knife you can hear it or once you get used to it you can see it blistering up.
But keep an eye on it ( as my pic) below shows I took my eye off the ball and burnt the edges. Even I have little lapses and disasters in the kitchen but I caught it in time and all was well…


Reduce the heat of the oven to about 170 degrees for the remainder of cooking time which depends on the size and cut off your pork. Pork loin cooks quicker.
You should now have a lovely piece of pork with crispy crackling and lovely melt in your mouth pork.

Serve with lovely roast potatoes and an assortment of vegetables…

sunday roast pork

Hubby’s roast dinner ..I hope you now get lovely crispy crackling and who doesn’t like that?

How do you do yours?

If you enjoyed this lesson in how to make crackling and you know someone who can’t please share..x

Enjoy your week, be happy and mindful xx



Carol’s Perfect Crispy Crackling

The Recipe Hunter has very kindly shared my post for the BEST crispy Pork Crackling ….This is my failsafe method and it works everytime…I can always be found screaming at the TV screen every time these cooks on Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules have trouble with their crackling…TURN up the oven! …….


TRH Carol's Perfect Crispy Crackling2

Nothing is better than perfectly crisp Pork Crackling.
How to achieve it, well, It’s easy!

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