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Slowly, slowly catchee Monkey!

Ha Ha….Back in the days when a large proportion of far eastern countries were  colonised and under British Rule, in their spare time soldiers tried and mostly without much success to catch monkeys as pets.



The natives showed the soldiers how to catch the monkeys by putting a cage with narrow bars and fruit in it close to the monkeys habitat. They then watched and waited while the inquisitive monkeys tried to get the fruit out through the bars. Once they had the fruit there was no way they were going to let it go but it now made them easy to catch as they couldn’t get their arm out without releasing the fruit….

As most natives only spoke what we term as ” Pidgin English” that was where this originated from…Slowly, slowly catchee Monkee…

Which means..this phrase now is used to describe a slow, patient approach to something and demonstrates that careful thought is often better than rushing in headfirst.