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Smorgasbord Health Column 2023 – The Body our Greatest Asset – The Digestive System Part Two – The Oesophagus and Stomach by Sally Cronin

The digestive system is not voiceless…if you get a stomach upset, feel nauseous, or get a headache or a rash.. it is your gut-brain letting you know it is not happy. It works on the principle that after hundreds of thousands of years evolving, it knows very well what it needs and if it comes in a packet along with additives and artificial sweeteners, colourings and chemically produced nutrients… that is not it.

Over the next few weeks, Sally from Smorgasbord Magazine will be working her way through the digestive system and afterwards, perhaps you might review what you are eating that might not agree with your body. This includes some chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.

The Digestive System Part Two – The Oesophagus, Acid Reflux and Stomach…

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