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Retired no one told me! Weekly roundup…Recipes, ranting and back door trots…

What a week this has been... Have I got the mother of all roundups for you just in case you missed any of my posts…

I started with my recipe for Asian style ribs... And guess what the first time we made them they were awesome but I was the sous chef on that occasion and not paying too much attention…..I was chopping and julienning the ginger and writing down the recipe while taking photos…One’s son was cooking the said ribs… They were AWESOME THE BEST!

Take 2!


Mum pulled up the recipe and we started preparing the ribs…

There then ensued a conversation as to which soy sauce was used… I had written the recipe down WRONG ….who would think one word would make a difference…Oh, it did! Trust me…. Black Soy…Black Soy Black Soy…I will not be forgetting that!

I have also amended the recipe and apologise to anyone who used just regular soy…


I think this was my rant of the week/century I was/ am appalled at the duplicity of manufacturers regarding the consumer’s health.

Plastics the truth…



Next another of my favourites Gumbo…



It is also my monthly post over on TRH time and I have started a Culinary crawl through the alphabet..not sure if Esme realises that she has me every month for the next 2 plus years …hahaha




Fruity Fridays!


The turn of the Fig…not particularly the prettiest of fruits but very good for you and lovely with bacon but so is everything…Too many and you get the back door trots…but just enough and they keep you regular…



We then saw the lovely Sally reblog a post very dear to my own heart written some time ago and I am saddened that the problem seems to have worsened rather than got better…

cropped-for-web Sally Cronin


I then thought this post needed another airing …Turmeric



Phew…I didn’t realise I wrote so much in a week…

Healthy Eating… A cause dear to my heart… no diets, no counting calories, no feeling guilty…Just a good balanced diet and moderation coupled with your chosen exercises…AND




My Wednesday cookery column over at Sally’s was HOT!


Next is the very tasty, healthy alternative to rice… Tada…Cauliflower rice…Now just in case you were wondering and thought I was teasing you by showing the Pork and Thai basil dish I ate mine with…so I have added the link for you…



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Christmas Recipes…Sweet mincemeat….


Day 3 of my Christmas countdown and today it is Sweet Mincemeat…Nothing better and so easy to make you will wonder why you ever bought a jar from the supermarket shelves and will be rewarded with such a superior taste and richness that will take your tarts to a new level……Your taste buds will sing!

via Carol’s Sweet Mincemeat

Kindly posted by Esme on her blog which has some luscious sweet treats for you all… lots of Christmas goodies…easy to make or bake and all tried and tested…

We make the mistakes and you get the foolproof recipe and could I  show you some horrors of mine…mmmm now that could be a post????…

Carol’s  Kitchen Nightmares! ????

Haha…..You would then find out I am just like everyone else, not everything turns out perfect…..

Until tomorrow when I will give you another tried and tested Christmas recipe…

Have a lovely Sunday put your feet up and relax…Me??? I am off to pickle some onions and make some Rosella jam…I found these little beauties yesterday when I was shopping so that is my experiment for today… I have only ever seen these dried before not fresh…so something new to try… I just love it when I come across something I have not used or seen before…I get so excited.

2017-12-02 14.22.12

Until tomorrow…..

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