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Retired No One Told Me! Weekly update…Korlan fruit, Obesity and Barfly…

Welcome once again to my weekly roundup…If you have missed any posts then sit down with your favourite cuppa and have a browse…

A few reblogs this week as I have the dreaded cough from hell and it is driving me mad…I think I need to step up my healthy eating as I have been doing a bit of unhealthy eating lately and as this is my first cough for at least 5 years I suspect it is a warning to get back on track… I have always had one of these coughs and it makes my ribs hurt it is such a fierce cough so I am stepping up the ginger and getting back on track as I really don’t do ill… I am the grumpiest person on this earth if I don’t feel 100%.


Fruity Friday’s brought forth a lovely sweet n sour tiny little fruit given to me by a tuk-tuk driver he picked them from a tree in his village… Looking like a very small lychee it was quite hard to peel and had a very sour flavour compared to the Lychee which is quite a perfumed taste and sweet.

korlan fruit on bunch



Not feeling like writing too much I had a trawl through my older posts and this one is a charming post about Ole Smoky Moonshine, chillies( of course), an old man, roast chook and a  recipe for Homemade Moonshine Hot Sauce. 


You ask I answer is totally different from Barfly and is about our friend Mr Militant Negro so if you want to know a little more about the man in question then this is the post to read…


The Charade is the brainchild of my friend Steph the author of The Community, After The Light after the Love and Pictures of  Deceit. It started as just a thought and with an invite for any other author to write a chapter or two …where will the story end? We don’t know yet but it is intriguing and has promise…To date, there are 15 chapters some written by Moi…download-3the-charade


No more Diets just Healthy eating… I am taking a trip around the world and looking at various country’s eating habits…This week it is Germany which although they are not high on the worlds obesity chart as they do a lot of walking and cycling and keeping fit is high on the agenda as a nation BUT their consumption of processed meats/fats is high so will it cause problems in later life for many individuals?

sauerkraut-sausages and smoked hock


Next, as many of my readers and friends are experiencing snow and bitterly cold weather, Soup was on the agenda…

Squash and veg soup 2


That is all for this week I hope to be back in fine fettle by next week …

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup if you have then please hit the share buttons…xxx

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Food and Cookery Column with Carol Taylor – Delicious Warming Soup.

Once again, Sally has let me indulge my passion…Cooking… and as many of you still have snow and we have tropical storms( rainy season) and I have a cough from hell… I thought Soup would be ideal on so many levels…Enjoy!

Thank you, Sally, for the shout out for my cookery book…Timers on and FB notifications off and limiting myself to 5 a day and that is not fruit as per the excellent advice on The Apes reblog…Thank you, Chris 🙂 x

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Delicious Warming Soup.

Soup can be eaten whatever the weather as a starter or as a snack and even as a main meal if it is a substantial one served with lots of fresh crusty bread.

I know that many of you are experiencing icy cold temperatures and even snow still so I thought that a few soups would be nice to help warm those tummies and hopefully help to keep away those nasty bugs and which are also easy to make.

For those of you who are experiencing warmer weather some soups as well as no matter what the weather I enjoy a bowl of soup…Don’t you???

Soup has gone through many revivals over the years I remember my mother making soup from chicken or turkey carcasses or as a treat we had Heinz tomato soup…

This saw an increase of packets and cans of soups of many varieties…

View original post 1,978 more words

Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor – Mushrooms.

This weeks post from Carol ( Moi) and Sally is Mushrooms…Sally tells you all about the many benefits of eating mushrooms and why you shouldn’t….I supply the recipes and typos…On re-reading for the hundredth time I have spotted a few.more..Drat!..It just shows I am human…I am…lol

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the next article in our series Cook from Scratch with Sally and Carol Taylor. At first we were a little concerned about the length of the posts as they including both the health benefits and some delicious recipes from Carol.. but apparently it is not a problem.

We do suggest however, that you bookmark and then read when you can put your feet up and read with a cup of tea, or even better a glass of wine.  Our aim is to elevate everyday food to not just culinary delights but also to share why that food is so healthy for us to eat in our regular diet.

First.. why are mushroom so good for us?

According to the ancient Egyptians, over 4,000 years ago, eating mushrooms granted you immortality. The pharaohs even went as far as to ban commoners from eating these delicious fungi but it…

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