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WasteNot! Want Not! Week 15

I am really heartened by the initiatives which I am discovering that are happening from all around the world…Your comments are also a revelation when I hear from you guys what is going on in your neck of the woods all good stuff…How you are reducing the carbon footprints and coming up with ideas to cut waste and protect the environment.

BUT…Hand on heart…

A heart map held by a hand

Are we truly doing enough?

This young lady doesn’t think so…Greta Thunberg is 15 years old with a wise head on her young shoulders and tomorrow 15th March 2019 around the world young people will skip school to have their say…If one of those young people is your child then I urge you to support them…

A young girl called Greta who shows quiet determination for what she believes in…


Last week I touched on how an initiative in Mexico 8,409 km from the UK…  a region of the UK has created the country’s first local circular economy.

The traditional system of getting rid of waste is linear: packaging is made, used and disposed of but the local authority in Cambridgeshire along with a local plastics processor and packaging company have joined together to create a model which is circular.

Thank you, Tori, for spotting this update…

The initiative is being led by Huntingdonshire District Council working with Charpak Ltd, a Huntingdon-based plastic packaging manufacturer, and has seen discarded plastics collected, cleaned, reprocessed and reused, all within the local area.

The council says the new approach, which has been 18 months in the making, has helped to reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill.

A spokesman for the district council said: “Our residents are already great recyclers diverting more than 55 per cent of waste from landfill. We need more plastics recycled and less going to landfill, so the next step is to improve the quality of materials that are collected for recycling.



This mismanagement of environment issues continues in Australia and another damming report on Water Wars in the Murray-Darling Basin has been issued …It seems young Greta who I mentioned in this post above is worth listening to…Because those in power are not listening once again I urge all you Australians to become a climate voter

What does this mean for the fish in this river basin?

December and January saw three devastating mass fish kills in the Darling River. Now it seems a fourth is on the cards.

A new paper released today by the Australian National University found that water savings in the Murray-Darling Basin may only be one-tenth of the expected amount.

Simply put, greedy corporations and government mismanagement meant too much water was taken from the Murray-Darling Basin and not enough water was put back to allow the river to cope in a drying climate. And now we’re seeing the devastating consequences.

Even in the drought season rivers like this are not supposed to dry out…



Monsanto… At long last seem to be fighting a losing battle…slowly but surely people power is winning…There was Costco…

And now?

ONCE AGAIN Monsanto is losing millions of dollars now that farmers in India are switching to indigenous cotton seeds rather than Bt cotton.

The agrichemicals company is known for pushing a form of Bt cotton in India for the last decade. They have been accused of manipulating laws in order to enter the Indian market.


Some FURTHER good news is that these edible parks are springing up all over and I think it is a great initiative FOR URBAN DWELLERS…



Good News…The Middle East has opened the First Zero Waste Shop….Reducing your environmental impact in the Middle East just got a whole lot easier. A zero-waste lifestyle shop called EcoSouk just opened in the Hamra neighbourhood of Beirut, Lebanon.

How good is that? 


Thank you so much for reading this post …Your ideas on how we can save our carbon footprints and the environment we would love to hear any new initiatives or updates please share…I love to hear from you in comments xxx

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