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Smorgasbord – Posts from Your Archives – Travel – #Thailand – Wat Baan Waeng or Heaven and Hell by Carol Taylor

A lovely place with contrasting photos that depict both heaven and hell 🙂 xxx

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Welcome to the second in the posts from Carol Taylor’s travel archives and today she visits a statue park with a difference. Photographic evidence of the consequences of straying from the path of righteousness….

Wat Baan Waeng or Heaven and Hell

Fifty km’s north of Udon Thani where we now live is Wat Baan Waeng or Pho Chai Sri as it is also known.

It is home to larger than life statues and sculptures which depict the heaven and hell side of Buddhism. So in other words if you stray from the path of the five precepts of Buddhism then “Hell” is what awaits you.

It shows the fate or karma of these individuals and the gory fates that await them for their sins.


Initially when we pulled into the temple we were met with the scene of monks sitting, children playing and stalls selling trinkets, spiritual items and…

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