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Thailand is the Land of Smiles.

via Photo Challenge: Smile

yen and dum songkram


The Land of smiles and we will all most certainly be smiling come Friday 13th of April as it is the start of Songkram(n) which is the Thai New Year…

If you don’t want to mess up your newly coiffed costly hair style or extensions then stay indoors and don’t think that you can hold up in a bar and raise a glass to the revellers as nowhere is safe… You WILL still get wet…Very wet… SMILE!


All the shops are selling brightly coloured shirts and the staff are already wearing them on the tills of Tescos to the tiny corner shop…it is a time to be happy and joyous… The water pistols are many tiny ones with a backpack to hold extra water for the little ones to some big bad boys…lol

Aston Songkram 2014

Shops are doing a grand trade in paddling pools and water pistols…Anticipation is high everyone is ready…So Smile!

We are ALL expecting to get wet, very wet..Nowhere is safe unless you are in a bunker somewhere… People are wearing coloured wigs, dressed as frogmen..or dressed in very little…

Mike and co Songkran

So if you don’t want to get floured… Oh Yes! And watered  it can come via a bucket full or a fire hose…Yep! Everyone gets involved and wet!

All done with the biggest of SMILES….

Happy Songkram!