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Some of my more unusual recipes from 2017

You probably all know by now that I am slightly quirky, whimsical and often laugh ( when) I really shouldn’t…Oops.

Given to coming up with some unusual foods which even make me baulk at times, however, more often than not and I know the saying says ” We eat with our eyes” But you miss some damn good food by bypassing that bit… just close your eyes and go for it…

My first one came about from a request from one of my readers who are looking at alternative food sources and asked me if I had a recipe…

Do I have a recipe???? Haha

Would you eat me?


My next food came about from a challenge and I am never one to shirk a challenge and that is not an invite…haha

Elephants Ears.


I did tell you I looked for the unusual. Are you still with me ??? We now have…

Dock leaves and Dolmas


Have any of these tickled your taste buds yet ???

My next one is from one of my Down on the farm posts…I have discovered so many fruits and vegetables this last year and am still getting new things coming up…The nearby jungle is providing some weird-looking fungi and vegetables and I love finding out about them and what I can cook with them…

Snake Gourd Raita

snake gourd 1

Now when I saw these growing I walked among those very, carefully as we do get lots of snakes here and I don’t particularly want to disturb one or find one hanging down right in front of my face… They look quite spooky, don’t they??

My next one came about on a visit to the village where my grandson’s other nanny lives and she had been out foraging and was making soup..so an ideal opportunity for me as I love learning and watching …It was also a beautiful refreshing soup and the addition of the ant’s eggs gave it a lovely lemony taste.

Authentic Thai Village Soup recipe.

Melientha Soup

Doesn’t that look awesome so fresh and the taste was amazing and made from a few simple foraged ingredients…

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane…

Please let me know in the comments and if you loved it please share as sharing is caring and make a note in your diaries that I will be bringing a Cookbook out this year….amongst my chatter, there will be some awesome recipes as you know I can’t just deliver a recipe …I am a storyteller.

Happy New Year ❤